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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baltimore, Maryland Finale

Here is where it gets very interesting; after returning from his trip he takes over a month to post agian, doesn't have any pictures because his camera supposedly broke, and he is very ill from being exposed to the elements. At this point in his life he wasn't ready to tell anyone just what happened. He did eventually, and his hatred for homosexuals became more intense because of his trip. Would anyone, Nicky perhaps, like to fill the others in on what exactly happened on that trip?

Back from Maryland,,, [10 Apr 2003|01:47pm]
The digital camera went to hell so I could not get the pictures off the thing. It was an interesting trip to say the least though, found myself coming home with bronchitis though. I have some new pictures up on the other journal which I took on the train using a 35mm -- one camera pic that was done was actually a mistake but turned out to be an interesting picture to say the least. Going around the capitol was something of a head trip when it was in the colder months -- it started getting cold when I was getting ready to come back home. I am now just easing back into the hours I had before I left for Maryland -- but now I have been trying to fight this illness. I'll go back though in time but I am thinking about the next GothCon, being that I have no idea when it will be but I am planning to go though. I spoke with Snow a little bit back in November before I found myself falling ill the first time.
My lungs right now are a little shot but I am improving some, I'd stay in bed but I have to go to the doctor -- the shrink, the one for my mind. I have managed to do some writing as well and that can be found on my other journal. The radio appearence went without a hitch and that will be going up here as well -- interesting interview to say the least. I could hold my own with Vlaz -- the dude should take up stand up comedy as well being some of his humor might rile up a few tough crowds. I was supposed to meet up with Scary Lady Sarah but I found myself ill -- I did not want to give her what I had, being the cold is the contagious thing but the bronchitis is something that evloved out of that. What scared the doctors was that they thought it was the thing that was going around in Asia.

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Rusty said...

There's nothing about the guy and his couch. When's Pacione going to get around to that?

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