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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baltimore, Maryland Part 5

Sorry for the confusion but this is Part 5 since his post about being banned from campus technically counts as number 4 in the series.

It will be less than a week that I will be taking the train to Maryland, but I have to leave on Tuesday to get the radio engagement going. I'll have to make the trip to the library to print out the narrative I am going to be reading on the morning show, and as I have that picked out I am writing one exclusive for the community, Awake By Night. It is titled Tundra Sands, and it was one that I was writing in a paper notebook to begin with then I went and started to write it up on the journal itself. It is rare that I actually wrote something right to the internet but thought I would write this one here. It is one that I will be working on from now until the time I leave form Chicago, a work in progess so to speak but I have a feeling I migth be able to get two full pages out of it if that typed. The narrative as I am typing this is going to be a strange one indeed but will be trying it out on the crowd from melo, to see what they think of it then would be passing it to the community.

[07 Mar 2003|11:31am]
A year ago I joined up with a place called Devientart. I did this more for myself -- as a place where I can post some of my artwork when I do feel inspired to draw but as of late I had not been able to really think of anything at the time being. Though I have this notion the moment I get back from this trip to Maryland I am going to be coming up with a lot as far as the drawing goes. I haven't really done anything as far as drawing since mid 2002. Photography was another story though. I had been playing around with the digital camera that I picked up on Christmas Eve. I am going to have to pick up a memory card so I can put this camera to good use when I am in Maryland. I am excited about the trip and the radio appearence, I am just shocked that I am actually invited to appear on the morning show.

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