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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

hateful content

I've lurked for the past couple of years I've seen how recently people reported Nicky to blogspot because of his hateful content and constant, blatant death threats.

Keep that in mind when reading this:

Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 20:48:40 -0500 (EST)
From:"Nickolaus Pacione" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
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To:"Expose TheTard"
Subject: Fuck You
Give me my fucking artwork back without the watermarks. If you were any kind of descent human being you'd respect someone's copyrights event they were mine. I am in the process of shutting you down because you are in violation of TOS on blogspot.com -- hateful content and copyright violation. How's the verge of being shut down. You lose. I am coming for you, it's that simple. Quit watermarking my artwork, you didn't create it you have no right to post it with your fucking watermark. You're just pissed off because I did that non-fiction book exposing you.
You're the freak around here mother fucker because you're going around stalking me without end -- for that, I will file criminal charges on you. Criminal harassment. Leave my family alone, and leave my work alone! Give me what I rightfully own and I will leave you alone. You have no right to steal my blog entries, or my artwork you faggot. Go drink some cynide if you keep doing that shit.

Now that he's done it to me, I am looking into the legality of Nicky demanding I pay him hundreds of dollars in an extortion attempt. I've seen him do it to others but now that he's done it to me, I can look into just how legal or more importantly, illegal his actions are. He's trying to be civil in that email believe it or not and he's stopped having paypal demand I pay him that's because he's realized he's fucked up and he's scared. Bad enough he's getting sued for libel now he may be facing serious legal problems.

"Extortion, outwresting, or exaction is a criminal offense, which occurs when a person either unlawfully obtains money, property or services from another through coercion or intimidation or threatens one with physical or reputational harm unless he is paid money or property.

In the United States, extortion may also be committed as a federal crime across a computer system, phone, by mail or in using any instrument of "interstate commerce". Extortion requires that the individual sent the message "willingly" and "knowingly" as elements of the crime. The message only has to be sent (but does not have to reach the intended recipient) to commit the crime of extortion.

Extortion currently carries up to a maximum prison sentence of 20 years in most states and under Federal law."


Shadowtron said...


Would any "decent kind of human being" resort to racial slurs? Would any "decent kind of human being" joke about sending someone who had just lost everything to Katrina a life jacket because one doesn't like their work? Would any "decent kind of human being" publically announce happiness over the passing of writer because one didn't like their work? Would any "decent kind of human being" wish death, aids, rape, torture, etc., etc., on another person simply because of their sexual orientation? I can go on and on, man!

Anonymous said...

I just want to know one thing, Nick: Did you engage in sexual relations with a man? If so, how do you justify your homophobia? Explain this apparent paradox to us.

cussedness said...

Nicky told my daughter that if she were in an accident the paramedics would let her die and put her brain in a petrie dish.

I don't normally fight my daughter's battles for her, but faced with homophobic abuse this extreme, I felt that I had to.

Especially since he only targeted her as a way of getting back at me.

Shadowtron said...

Nick, please explain to cussedness how your treatment of her daughter falls under the umbrella of "decent" human behavior!

Mike Brendan said...

Based on what I've seen, heard, and experienced (from a couple of his emails to me) Nicky wouldn't know decent human behavior if it fell on his face, wriggled, implanted a xenomorphic embryo in his chest only to have it burst out through his ribs a few hours later.

But that's just my opinion. :)

Anonymous said...

He stayed at a man's house who he met over the internet when he went to visit the grave of Poe.

Nicky was getting ready for bed in the living room on the couch when the man entered the room in his underwear with a very obvious erection. For the record: Gays don't hit on straights unless they are really drunk or can tell they are at least bi.

Nicky fled the house with the clothes on his back and slept in a park in the freezing rain that night, which supposedly led to him being deathly ill.

Of course that is his gay experience as an adult. He'll have to tell you about "Raped Youth".

Anonymous said...

Nothing to say, Nicky? Can't respond?

Can we then assume two things?

1. You harassed Cussedness's daughter for the sheer pleasure of tormenting another human being, without provocation and without motivation.

2. That you are, in fact, a closeted bisexual who has never come to grips with his orientation?

One Of Nick's Victims said...

Nick wouldn't know "decent" if it slapped him upside his greasy head. He's a vile person. I have honestly never seen anyone so pathetic in all of my life. He wants to grab his panties and whine when someone does something to HIM, but he thinks it's just fine to send his nasty emails to someone who is dying of cancer and wish them dead (of course saying I have AIDS instead HAH). Blegh, I have nothing more to say about that him.

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