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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baltimore, Maryland Part 1

In the coming days expose the tard will be featuring a series of posts leading up to his ill-fated trip to Maryland. As many already know somehow which means Nicky himself told you, he accepted an offer from a stranger on the internet to stay at said stranger's house with very terrifying consequences. Yesterday's post was out of order so I will post the following then get back on track. This is titled "Baltimore, Maryland Part 1" and the following post will be "Baltimore, Maryland Part 3" since the "child abuse" post technically falls in-between the two.

For those that don't know what happened to Nicky on that trip, why he ended up sleeping in freezing rain which supposedly let to his bronchitis, ask him.

March 27th,,,,, [07 Feb 2003|03:28am]
It would be official -- on March 27th of this year I am taking the train to Baltimore, Maryland. I wanted to go check out the Edgar Allen Poe house and his grave -- being that it would be a bit of a rite of passage for someone who writes in the psychological style of gothic literature. I am writing a letter to Scary Lady Sarah of the details of the plan as I am trying to come up with it. I am hoping that I could find a motel that is under $30 a night so I could stay there a week. Or even maybe a boarding house; I am used to places like that anyway because I used to live in one when I lived in Iowa. I am nervous about the idea of the trip because I only know one person who lives in that area.
So upon writing this entry I am going to be sending out emails -- hoping that one out of those would be able to give me a few leads. Basically I would have to do like I did before I was going up to Canada for three weeks, in that email correspondence -- I found the Canadianna Motel. I stayed there the last half of the trip. So with this I am hoping that I could find a place that is not too pricey. Especially since I am going to be on a budget -- being that I have to eat as well.

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