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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I've taken the liberty to send a $500 bill to the asshole who is stealing my blog entries stories and other content. Think the little shit is pissed off about the bill deal -- I am going to keep billing them until they give me back all my files without the watermarks. I am trying to figure out who the mother fucker is because they knew where to look for my letter to my son. Yeah I am not pleased about that one, but I will say the reason I lost my first livejournal account is because of the stunt that Lokust pulled.
You never answered my question and in avoiding it you are showing everyone that you are too cowardly to, which proves my point.

So I ask again: When have you ever received payment from someone after you demanded online that they pay you hundreds of dollars? When has that ever worked? Give us the person's name or online name and tell us how much money you were able to extort from them.

When has that ever worked? Who has ever given into your monetary demands? No answer? We'd expect that from someone who hides in his basement and asks the women in his life to fight his battles for him. Oh you may have had Michael try to jump in the fray once but for the most part, you allow women to fight your battles for you.

I am finally glad they are getting involved here with the process of getting that bastard in trouble. With the Mp3s that I had -- I got them from mp3.com when it they were providing offical Mp3s from the bands. I ended up buying the CD of the band after I got the mp3 or would ask when their CD is coming out so I can grab it. That will clear some things up on that old entry. I guess that the person behind ExposetheTard was someone originally from the first LiveJournal account and in theory knew exactly where to look with the files and knowing certain ones will piss me off. I am not mad -- just that I know that their punishment is due and it is coming fast.

No you told us, I think over at Rusty Nail's page in the comments section, that you had no mp3s on your hard drive. And no, I am not from the first LiveJournal account but yes I have been around that long and longer. I was there when you tried to copy Stephen King's "Richard Bachman" idea and created an alter ego named "Theo Wolfe" who you saw as a nerdier version of yourself. oneyedog, GodAm, GothicPreacher, urbanizedsin, darkendsoul, stillbornchrist, ghettoraven, blacksabbat, hallowed-eye, vampyricthug, ravenswood and that's right,
TriReich. I bet that last one sent chills up your spin--- oops forgot you don't have one of those.


Nickolaus Pacione said...

Now I know you're Melany. My resolve to get you shut down is still there now it is going to be driven even harder to shut you down or some fuckoff from Firefly.com. You're going down -- to watermark my pictures, you're white trash.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I am thinking you're definately someone from the old neigbhorood now -- you must be Corbeil. Because if anyone who is going to do shit like that it had to be him.

Terry Lloyd Vinson said...

Or maybe it's Brian Keene.

Or Poppy Z. Brite.

Or Ray Garton.

Or the homeless guy you blew for cab fare in Baltimore.

Or one of the thousand other people you've managed to piss off, Nicky.


And you won't believe what they're going to post next!

Anonymous said...

I for one would love to hear about the homeless guy.

Mike Brendan said...

Poor fool can't make up his mind. Methinks he is the King of the Wild Guess...

cussedness said...

In the over four years that I have known Nicky, he has never been right once. Before Brian Keene became the Evil Overlord of Nicky's nightmares, Nicky accused me to being so many different people at once that it was a physical impossibility for anyone to have done the smallest part of it.

CuriousBystander said...


Could you please explain to those of us in the peanut gallery what occured to set the Nickster concentrating on Mr Keene?

cussedness said...

I have no idea what set him off on Keene. The earliest inkling I had of Nicky having a hate on with Keene occurred when Dungeoneer did his infamous interview with Nicky. Nicky asked him if his writing was as good as mine and Keene's.

CuriousBystander said...

Okay. Thanks for the response.

ExposeTheTard said...

Why won't you answer the question?

Who have you ever got to pay the hundreds of dollars you tried extorting over the internet? Who has ever paid a bill you sent out of anger? Who? When?

Notice how he says he knows I am one person, then literally a minute later I am someone else?

Anonymous said...

I've heard that lil nicky showed up and started posting his stories somewhere and Keene actually gave him some suggestions on how to improve it. Of course Nicky flipped and got banned from Keene's website

cussedness said...

It is always that way.

Btw, is it okay if i abbreviate your handle as ETT?

Oddly, although I have probably given him the most hell over the years, he has never sent me a bill.

Brian Keene said...

Hi. I was directed here by an alert reader.

I stepped in a pile of Pacione when he sent some stories to me, and I politely suggested how he could improve upon them (Strunk & White, 'Show, Don't Tell', run-on sentences, etc.) He's been in a tizzy ever since, and has accused me of everything from getting him banned from bookstores to crank calling his family.

Since then, I've watched with amused annoyance as this mentally ill man has added to his conspiracy theories and churned out one "anthology" after another---all while not paying his contributors, repeatedly publishing copyrighted material without permission, taking advantage of minors, and generally doing all of the things he accuses others of.

I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of his family. They refuse to take responsibility for him, and indeed, seem to enable him, as if encouraging his further mental and emotional deterioration.

Is he a threat? In a 'loud-mouthed, homeless person screaming the sky is falling' kind of way, perhaps.

A police detective in his region told me, quote: "Every few months, he goes off his medication and we have to pay him a visit and tell him to settle down. But he never leaves his house."

It should be also noted that several years ago, when his anti-Keene hysteria was at it's height, I did a book signing in his hometown of Morris, IL. I was exactly four miles from his home, but Nicky never showed, despite his repeated threats and promises of what he'd do if he ever saw me. Apparently, he didn't have permission to go outside.

Anyway, just wanted to clarify how I ended up on Nicky's radar.

CuriousBystander said...

Ah, that explains much. Thank you, Mr Keene.

cussedness said...

You can start to see a pattern with Nicky. Most of us suggested that his material needed improvement. Like Brian Keene, I suggested Strunk and White.

It's a long story and I think it is still up on my xanga, which I don't use much any longer.

He stumbled upon my daughter by accident after she posted a comment to my Livejournal and he went after her as a way of getting at me.

CuriousBystander said...

Hmm. If it is still on your xanga then either it's a protected entry or I managed to miss it on my skim through.

Harassing someone's kids over an imagined slight from a parent is particually vile. No wonder people want nothing to do with him.

Shadowtron said...

Unfortunately, there are way too man brain-dead peoples out there who act as willing hosts to this plague-carrier.

cussedness said...

For the record, I will go find the post and repost it on my main website blog.

cussedness said...


there is one of my main overview posts from April 2007.

curiousbystander said...


Threatening to rape a fourteen year old? Nicky is a real class act.

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