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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Recently, Nicky submitted a story to a magazine and very obviously ripped off another author which surprised no one. Even in letters and emails he plagiarizes, as seen below.

It was a suggestion of a friend that I should send a story out to a magazine. I have sent one to this editor from Margretville, New York. Elizabeth decided to take on the task of looking at Wrong Side of the Tracks. At first she thougt the story was interesting, but damned dark for her magazine. I thought about trying again with another essay -- titled The Cavern.

Editor: Legions of Light Magazine
Margretville, New York.
August 19, 1998

Dear Elizabeth:

This is a narrative about one the places that I have been to in the recent years, and what I am about to tell one about the place almost got me arrested for trespassing because one was not supposed to be in there. It was back in September of 1997, and the air was about as stale as the dead in the Wheaton Cemetery. I was looking around in the vast darkness of the old, Gothic seminary and what I was told of the place is that which is haunted, but one should not know of this because they were dead in the Midwest Bible Belt. What one had told me of the place is that the Marynole was not haunted -- only that the teenagers of Glen Ellyn, Illinois had known otherwise about the place because of the ghost stories that were told about the old, Roman Catholic seminary about being watched by a dead priest in the shadows of the abandoned chapel.

It was to my curiousity that I decided to take a look around inside of the infamos Marynole -- I still remember what I had seen to this day, the images were straight out of an old horror tale written by H.P. Lovecraft or Robert Bloch. Only that what wasn't something out of horror fiction, but this was known as horror fact. To this day, I still think about that place -- the thoughts that compile the horrors within my disturbing nightmares. I haven't penned of the place or spoke of it until now and the only other person that knows was a person that I have emailed back in August when I just walked around the outside of the place. The vibes on had felt from walking around that place was there is a apparition in there; an apparition that was in form of a clergyman. One cannot really explain what I had seen in that place, but there were many theories about the supernatural -- theories that one will come to terms with in an area such as Wheaton, Illinois, because of a strict Christian population and Wheaton College.

Living in Mason City, Iowa, I cannot really speak of this because if I did -- one would surely have me committed because knowledge such as this is claims of witchcraft, but I have spoken to a Mason City Police Officer about the Marynole Seminary and he was intrigued by the ghost stories of Illinois. He said that he wanted to search for the haunted places around DuPage and Cook Counties -- I told him that there was another place in Illinois was supposed to haunted as well. This place was also home of a Satanic Ritual, but the thing that drawn people to White's Cemetery is that the churchyard had a phanton limoline -- in fact, a friend of mine was chased by the phantasm throught the churchyard and they also have a house that dissappeared into the vast darkness, the history to the house was that the place had burned to ashes back in the 1950s. I had been to this place as well, on the night of Hallow'en, of 1996 -- I had been writing volumes of short fiction and poetry when three of my friends had told me about Cuba Road.

If one may ask how does one get the ideas to write the horror fiction, this narrative that I have penned will answer some of those questions -- and the horrors within the imagination are left without description, to what is spoken of in the open and what is left inside of their mind long enough will lead to the question of one's sanity. What is written leads to the close with the quote of H.P. Lovecraft -- "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unkown."

Nickolaus A. Pacione
And he doesn't just try to rip off authors, he fancies himself the next Danzig

If you want to know more about me -- go to Writings From The Grave, and I do reflect the death of innocence. Though I don't go to church anymore -- I still hold on the belief in God, but it is in the eyes of one who is Gnostic; not as I did back in 1994. If some would say that I am a bigot, ask my cousin Amie because she would understand why. I still believe in the traditional couple and the tradition marriage so if you disagree with this, don't push the rainbow flag down my throat because I would debate this until the end of time. Don't ask me to accept it because I won't.
I am a thrash metaller who crossed over into the gothic back in 1996, but trying to do a hybrid with thrash metal and gothic because I had grown up listening to Slayer then discovered a Chicago band called November's Doom. Metal is the music that is in my heart and blood, if I could get a band going on the lines of Danzig I would be very happy. I also maintain Blind Sistina, a gothic community for the horror writers with the backgrounds of doom and speed metal. I had added a guestbook to this journal since there is still a handful of blind bastards that think that livejournal is home of my writings -- they are dead wrong, so wrong if they were a lightening rod that they would have 3000 volts going through their body. Yes, my ex referred to me as being a rat bastard; that is worst than being a sick bastard. I have used Nickolaus in Firefly, WBS, Beseen, and where I had met my ex of two years while I was in Firefly just after gaining control of the place. I have a lot of web projects and I am doing a website which would incorperate my deadjournal.


Nickolaus Pacione said...

Fuck off asshole. You have no right to go stealing my website.

cussedness said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Nicky.

Anonymous said...

I just found the most fascinating thing.

I was googling the person who is listed on zabasearch.com as one of the Pacione's that lives at the same address as Nicky, one Donald Pacione. I figured there'd be some police records or something out there. I haven't found that, but I found this:

Peach's family tree

That's Nicky's family tree.

Here's Uncle Donald. Donald Albert Pacione, to be exact. They even have a picture of him.

Donald Albert Pacione (son of Albert John Pacione and Shirley Lindquist). He married Ellen Precious Fitch, daughter of Robert John Fitch and Karen Fern Stortz.
Uncle Donald

Grandma Shirley - remember her? The one that said it was OK for Nicky to post Brian Keene's address and phone number?

Shirley Lindquist (daughter of Charles Lindquist). She married Albert John Pacione.
Grandma Shirley

Here's Nicky's mother. Note that even though it says that she married, she kept the Pacione name.
Sheryl Marie Pacione (daughter of Albert John Pacione and Shirley Lindquist). She married Mark Campbell.

Nicky's sister. She has her father's name, but Nicky doesn't. I wonder why.
Stephenie Campbell (daughter of Mark Campbell and Sheryl Marie Pacione).
Little Sister

He's listed as Nicky's father on the chart, but it appears that he didn't come along until Nicky was 10 years old.
Mark Campbell. He married Sheryl Marie Pacione, daughter of Albert John Pacione and Shirley Lindquist.
Nicky's step-father

Now, for some real fun, go back up to the main chart (the first link posted) and let's see who else is in our pet racist's family.

Cousin Mohammad
Mohammad Zshaun Mirza (son of Yvette Patrice Fitch).

If you start googling the rest of the individuals, you find more confirmations on other genealogy sites.

More Fun Family Facts
Name Sheryl Marie Pacione, F
Birth 8 Apr 1961, Elgin, IIlinois, U.S.A.
Father Albert Pacione, M (1922-)

Mother Shirley Carolyn Lindquist, F (1928-)
1 Mark Scott Campbell, M
Birth 22 Apr 1958, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Marriage 17 May 1986, Roselle, Illinois, U.S.A.

Children: Nickolas Albert, M (1976-)

Stephanie EIise, F (1995-)

Apparently Mama Sheryl Marie is a white trash slut whose husband got tired of crazy Nicky and won't let him move back in. They're probably concerned that he'll do something to their teenage daughter.

Anonymous said...

If some would say that I am a bigot, ask my cousin Amie because she would understand why.


Two words: JENNY CRAIG.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, broken linkeeee.
Cousin Amie

cussedness said...

So Sheryl was, indeed, 14 when she became pregnant with Nicky, and 15 when she gave birth to him.

Someone robbed the cradle.

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