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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baltimore, Maryland Part 3

[11 Feb 2003|05:58am]
I had been very productive as far as my writing is coming -- I wrote one in my literary journal, which was a dream which came about after getting the tickets for the train. It would have a bit of forshadowing of the trip to Baltimore, being that I am very nervous about the trip because I had no idea which one I needed to be on at the time until I called Amtrak. So with this narrative, it is titled Within The Eclipse. I will be writing to a few e-lists to find out if there would be someone who knows of a few places that I could get a hotel for under $199 a week. Someone from a community offered their couch but I hate to impose especially since if I don't know them very well. In the note of what I am packing -- I was looking into packing a book that I got from Ceara before I became very ill. I was reading this upon handing out candy to trick or treaters, Halloween was when I started to show signs of a bad cold but it became to be something meaner than a cold. Though it felt good that I managed to get this writen out -- I was trying to write this on a notebook but could not get further than a paragraph. It seems like I could come up with more if I was writing on a computer.
The pain was starting to come to my back again -- the arthritis is something that really keeps me from doing a lot. There are a few saying I use this as an excuse but if they knew how it happened they would understand. Though it would play with the imagination, and sometimes I would need to take some Tylenol PM just so I could go without the pain for once. It was from the pain that I wrote this one that is on the other journal -- it is funny how I am coming off on a really productive note. Not so much on the journals but on the web site itself is a different story there; needed to get a strong update going in a long time -- and with the updates to the journals -- seems like I abandoned the main one but been trying to revamp that as of late.

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