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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today's Nicky crap is only three days old


I live in a full house (uncle, a cousin, and their spouse.)
Seriously? You think we buy any of that? Your pictures that you posted on that site are a giveaway you are still in the same basement, your grandparent's basement, as you've been all along. See the wall directly next to your keyboard? See how the computer is obviously in a corner? Same rock covered wall you haven't moved and they haven't pass on thank goodness.
I am a recluse in nature but yeah I am trying to get back into the dating pool (yes ladies I am single, straight, and available.) I am often at home writing a story or working on the magazine but when I get something published I will go out and celebrate. One thing I am planning to do in 2008 is try to have more of a social life.

You'd have to get over your drinking problem to get back on the dating scene and neither will happen in our lifetime.

I am an author and trying to get something on here going without the assholes going around chasing me around blog to bkog making my life online a constant living hell.

You were told years ago by family members to stop picking fights on the web and just write your crap. No one's fault but yours.

I had one jagoff impersonate me on lulu.com and doing a book called Munchkinland. Whoever really wrote that book needs to be berated and ripped their nuts off.
Most men get mad and want to punch a guy in the face. You want to touch their balls.

I am the author many don't want you to have and they try to pass me off as a joke but when in truth they do it because they are scared shitless of what I am going to become

An alcoholic?


Anonymous said...

Why oh why can't he keep everything to one blog??? Ai yi yi...

Rusty said...

Most men get mad and want to punch a guy in the face. You want to touch their balls.

Thank goodness I wasn't sipping anything when I read that.

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