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Thursday, December 27, 2007

"banned me from the campus"

6:04 am
What thoughts are in my mind at the moment -- so many racing but to write of them would be a bit difficult. The trip being closer by the day and by the week, the trip gets closer and closer -- where I am actually thinking of revisiting Wheaton once again. Near the college that had banned me from the campus, all because I think a bit differently than they do around there. I got the ugliest of looks over there when I would visit a friend of mine who was a student there at the time. I was listening to Vlaz on the morning show, and they were talking about how they were just allowing the students to dance off campus and for them to actually go out, allowing them to have an occasional beer. I met a few Wheaton College students when I was going to College of DuPage, used to smoke with them during the class breaks in Philosophy 100.
The one that I remember the most of that class is studying the God question. This was the one that invoked the most discussion, a lot of mind play . There were a lot of dark questions that were asked in there and some of them I remember now when I would go and do the writing. Where I mention Wheaton College, I have always got this bad aftertaste of when Public Safety over there accused me of being a Satanist. Just because I write gothic horror and read books that tend to explore the darker side of life. Friends of mine who were students there gave me the ugly looks because I listen to Danzig and Slayer. At one time I really wanted to go to school there because I wasn't too far from home, but hearing about all the rules -- I might of been thrown out because I thought too much for myself and spoke my mind no matter what they thought.

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Anonymous said...

Um two things. Besides Nikki is so full of the brown stuff that his eyes are brown.

1) Wheaton College has security guards not cops, nor do they classify anyone as a satanist

2) His bs smoking buddies is false also. Both colleges that he named are 4 miles apart or 10 minutes by car. (COD 425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn IL 60137/ Wheaton College, 500 College Ave, Wheaton IL 60187

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