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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

50 Foot Ant's Genius Idea! Nicky Is Breaking More Lulu Rules, So Help Report Him!

Blogger 50 Foot Ant said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but providing a direct link after the storefront is shut down is bypassing the suspension, and cause for immediate termination, right?

What a shame if someone told Lulu about that, huh?

A shame indeed!

If one were to point this out to lulu, you'd need

1) the link to the page he is trying to do this at which is here (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=801115584&v=feed&viewas=1105125560) and a way to login to facebook. I myself told lulu in my complaint they needed a facebook login to see it just in case.

2) Then you'd need to know where to complain, which would be here.

3) You might need these tidbits...
Nickolaus will have his site back on the 24 of the month but if you want to buy copies of the book -- see me on the 29th and I will have Tabloid Purposes IV there. 3:55am
Nickolaus angry because Jane Timm Baxter caused his lulu.com site got disabled for four days. But has his other storefront which he will sell Tabloid Purposes IV from. 4:26am
Nickolaus will have Tabloid Purposes IV available for sale on another storefront. 7:45am

Nickolaus anyone wanting Tabloid Purposes IV, It's available here -- http://www.lulu.com/content/4957967 Screw the trolls, I am making it available as a direct link. 9:37am
Be sure to let them know that Nicky is blatantly breaking their rules and trying to go around them, and that he is obviously bragging about it.


ExposeTheTard said...

May I suggest their live chat?

50 Foot Ant said...

Like I've mentioned somewhere else, parachute accounts are also against Lulu's ToS.

Jane Timm Baxter said...

Nick just can't accept the fact that HE got HIMSELF booted from lulu, can he? If he had left a real review, instead of the profanity-laced personal attack (which didn't even mention the book,) then nothing would have happened to his account.

Like I said in my AC article -- he's just an ignorant, frightened child, who has made himself into a Supreme Asshole.

Pity? There's none of that left here....

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a screengrab of the review that got him booted? Or a copy of any kind? Also, whose book did he "review".

Ve vant to know!!!

Jenny said...

I also noticed that Nicky's review of "Spectral Exile" by "Joe Capote" has been removed. I don't have the link off the top of my head, but if you search on Lulu for "Spectral Exile", it should pop up.

Lewis said...

http://www.lulu.com/content/4524828 Joe Capote's Spectral Exile.

I was actually looking at it earlier today and I thought Nicky had left a review calling it blatant plagiarism etc. and throwing in some insults as well.

Anonymous said...

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