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Monday, November 10, 2008

Sleepsacks and Sherriffs

Innocents were attacked, and I haven't done any of my signature posts from the past on here lately so here is one I hopefully haven't posted.

Remember my sleepsack post? The following should have been included. You'll see why.
Date: 2002-10-11 10:13
Subject: Security: Public

Well I have a some time to kill before the bus gets here -- there is a
picture that I have laying around taken during the holidays where I was passed
out in the back seat with a travel throw. It was one of those which I will
always remember as being one of the memorable pictures in my thing -- I was
using it for awhile in my journal as an icon for the dead journal as well as one
that my cousin took of me when I was sick in bed, more tired than anything else.
It is usually when I am going on a long trip that I would have my
bedding with me as in a few sleeping bag liners
which make for a good
blanket especially if one has a habit of thrashing around in their sleep; one
picture that Michelle snagged of me was the one of her cat making like I was a
couch. But on that note -- I found myself resting my eyes on the bus under a few
occasions -- usually in the colder months that I do this. With that said I would
be going to grab a few more things -- namely an extra sleeping
that I could leave on the bus for when I decide to sleep on the bus
or when she gets stuck in the snow; if one lives in Illinois, The Dakokas,
Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa -- that risk is there. I was ill-prepared when I
was in Des Moines -- it was about 60 in Illinois while in Iowa it went down to
34. I was wishing I had a good sleeping bag then because I was waiting for her in the lobby of the Sherriff's office
because I did not anything about the territory and I was freezing my ass off.
This was when I went to go meet my then-girlfriend now ex-girlfriend.

Yes he was picked up by the cops on that trip because he chose to sleep like a homeless person instead of paying for a place to stay - his dislike of wanting to pay for a place to stay being what got his number out last week btw - and was picked up by the police. Not the first time as you can see by looking at older posts here*, and probably not the last.

*If I failed to post him getting picked up by the cops when he went to Canada please let me know. To my knowledge I posted that here a long time ago.

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