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Monday, November 24, 2008

"I am looking for someone who has a van and willing to make $80 for the day"

With Nicky's big night at The Awakening II coming up, I thought this would be appropriate and something to tide you all over until I can track down his damn blood signing bragging.

What are the Nicky themes this site has dealt with in the past month or so?
  • Nicky not getting payments and contributor copies to authors - I've since been told he only does PDF copies now
  • fear of public events - fear of leaving the house period
  • lack of transportation
  • lack of money
  • lack of places to stay since he does live in the boonies

Well this post made three years ago touches on all of those topics!

Monday, May 9th 2005
2:05 PM
Annoucment: Book Signing confrirmed

The countdown is on -- my first appearence at a major event, I got a booth and everything. Why is this big for me it is because it is my home area! Du Page County in September 17, 2005, is confirmed. I will be at the Goth Expo. This is my official book signing as well for TABLOID PURPOSES II as well as other respective anthologies I appeared on or edited. I will be getting flyers ready for this event but never did the flyer before, well an attempt a flyer but I want to do this right. So if you want your copy of TABLOID PURPOSES II signed -- show up with it because I will have limited copies of each book with me, the only one I won't have on me is Stories of the Apparitions, I will have copies of Quakes and Storms by then as well. I am getting the personel their copies as well but that will take some time, won't be as many authors as both TABLOID PURPOSES but I am going to be cutting it pretty damned close. The authors who are left to be paid will get their money next month first thing on the third of June. I will be paying for my booth on the fourth of the month.
Here we see typical Nicky. It's not about getting publicity for "his authors", it's about getting publicity for him. We also see him still unable to pay them what he owes them on time, which is money and contributor copies.

It wasn't a "Goth Expo" btw it was Gothicfest that featured Nicky standing on his table like a dumbshit, Nicky's mommy and grandma calling the Gothicfest handlers ahead of time and asking them to provide a few security guards to watch precious Nicky's table during his failed signing, and of course the "bed booksigning" where he took a picture of himself signing a book in his motel room and said that it was taken by a female motel employee who came up there asking for his autograph.

Sorry, back to the Nickyness...
I am hoping I can have both copies ready for the convention as well. I am going to find a way to donate all proceeds to the Red Cross on the physical copies at the convention. I will get something going for that as well, as in they will get a copy of Quakes and Storms if they donate.
That never happened because he didn't do anything past writing that. Nor did he get the proceeds of the sale of Quakes and Storms to the Red Cross either. He mostly gave those fucking things away for free to make friends, forgetting that they were supposed to be sold for charity.
The Mission statement for TABLOID PURPOSES II and I are for networking purposes especially if writers want to get published they can look at authors on there who are also editors. This was really a first time for me to be publishing editors as contributing autors on this. I will be getting the flesh and blood copies to members, but it will be about three at a time. TP II members will be getting their copies in October after the expo, or if members appear at the expo I will give their copies to them in person. Authors who contributed to Quakes and Storms with stories that didn't fit the natural disaster theme, they went into TABLOID PURPOSES II.
This was written in May, and some authors weren't getting their copies until October? THAT, is what you have to look forward to if you get "published" with Nicky - no wait as of an email he sent to someone last week who forwarded it to me, he says he cannot afford to send out physical copies anymore they only get PDFs, so these poor people back in 2005 were actually lucky.
I am talking about flesh and blood copies here, not the "free pirated" versions that are going around. I am talking with the guy who is organizing the event and after seeing the second Tabloid Purposes, he thought it would be a good idea to get me on there.
Again, no more "flesh and blood copies". Now, here is where this gets funny and sad.
So here's the deal -- I am looking for someone who has a van and willing to make $80 for the day, I will be paying the driver ahead of time to help me cart my books to Villa Park from Joliet and back. I will pay the driver via paypal the amount after my booth payment is paid in full. The booth I am going have is a high traffic one, and they will set up the book signing at a certain hour and want to make sure it is before the bands do their gigs. I need to get there early too so I can set everything up and need to make it look cool as hell, so if you want to give me input to make my booth scary as hell shoot an email my way. I am thinking of my booth being covered with TABLOID NEWSPAPERS to go with the theme of TABLOID PURPOSES I and II. I am just trying to figure out all the information for the Expo so I can put it on a flyer. The guy will be doing an announcement on his website. I won't be announcing it here but if you're part of the yahoogroups, I will be making the announcement over there. With this coming up, getting copies for everyone will take a little longer.
$80. When you enter his Joliet address into google maps to where Gothicfest was held, here is what you get - 33.2 mi – about 47 mins

So if he were to rent your services that day, you'd have to pick his smelly lazy crazy ass up - from wherever you had to drive to get him - then drive 33.2 miles to the destination, having to listen to him chatter and smell him for about an hour. THEN you'd have to help him unload your van of his shit, carry it into the venue, help him set up, wait until the event was over, load up all of his shit into your van (same amount, with nothing being sold) then spend an hour driving him home where you'd have to help him unload all of his shit to where he was living. You'd apparently have to help him come up with booth ideas, and no doubt have to plaster tabloid newspapers around his booth as he'd be too short to get most of it. You'd have lucked out there, since he ended up stringing a few pieces of cotton around to make it look like cobwebs and went with a basic paper banner that simply said his name on it for his booth design.

That never happened thankfully, since gas alone would probably cost $80. $80 that he also didn't have for his authors.

Remember how I said he is always nervous about signings, including him saying that he was nervous about The Awakening II?
Nervous about this -- damn right I am, though working with my parents at their craft shows and at a flea market sort of gave me some experience in that area of working a booth. So this is where it all comes down to -- being able to go to my first convention as an author. This thing is a one day event and an all day thing from 11 AM to Midnight. I am going to be there the whole time too, so if you see me from U.S. Beer Company drop by and say hello, or flip me the bird (if you hate my guts.) This is more than likely will be just me doing the event but I am trying to get some from TABLOID PURPOSES II on board for this too if they are local, so bring your books as well. Bring your copies of New Writers of the Purple Page and I will sign them too. Now here I am working on a new story, finding out LAKE FOSSIL II is going to be my first real exclusive story to a paying market.
No one showed up with copies of his books, and he sold less than ten copies of what he had there. He gave a lot of them away however, which is typical.
This new story I am working on though will be my first real colaboration effort too as an author -- the first ones were good in the sense how I managed to work with them, I got a feel for their writing styles too. Working with Aaron Saunders, I had to bring out my influence of Richard Matheson. Michael Lovell the style was more in the touches of Lord Dunsay with him, so it was a workable colaboration but the story was lost -- now I got an email from Nicholas Mounts and Ronald Wright saying they want to co-write stories with me. The Ron Wright colaboration will easy become a Cthulhu Mythos story, Mounts will be a harder author to colaborate with but it is possible. This is a challenge in itself especially since I am working on a story that isn't a horror story, but more of a literary fiction story in the vein of Jules Verne and William Hope Hodgson. I read a lot of Verne's work as a kid, so going back into that influence was almost easier than going into the Mythos mode. I am finding Science Fiction just as fun to write as Horror is, but I am no fucking egghead though. Do I see myself writing a Science Fiction novel -- if I do this style it would be more in common with H.G. Wells because he wrote what they called Social Science Fiction, namely I don't have the tech smarts.
At least he told the truth there. If anyone has ever seen his detective work you'd know he doesn't know shit about IP addresses among other things.

So with this latest signing coming up will Nicky fail again? Of course there is no doubt. This time he will have some guests at the event he has threatened and talked smack to online and will have to face them in person. Last time he faced the friend of one of them he was sternly told to stfu, and apparently responded wide-eyed and quietly with an "Okay". Better have that ambulance on stand-by. Even if he doesn't get his ass kicked, he's going to have heat exhaustion, forget his meds, or just faint again.

He always does.


Anonymous said...

Ooo.. while finding a book Nick gave me to send to someone else, I found "a contract" he sent me for one of his anthologies. It was never signed and was shoved in the book...along with a note that said "will be sending you $40 in a month."
Contract never signed or sent back to him. Money, of course, was never sent to me. What a shock....

Anonymous said...


You have to listen to the whole thing up to that point to get it, but at the 6:30 mark Nicky gets brutally pwned hard.

Shit like that being out there is what keeps me from feeling sorry or having any respect for those who contribute to him in the past year or so since it's all over the net he doesn't pay like he is suppose to.

Lewis said...

Anyone stupid enough to resubmit aye, but he seems to have a knack for finding young writers who are so excited at the opportunity that they don't think to research him.

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