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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Never has the word "Shit" been so apt.

We all saw it, and it was horrible, even for Nicky.

No story whatsoever, lots of references to himself and his foes, a 9/11 reference in case you forgot Nicky's victim complex, and a reference that Nicky was gunned down for supporting minorities.

It's as hilarious as it is stupid.

But after everyone read it, and subsequently laughed at it, Nicky, who doesn't grasp reality like other humans do,

Nickolaus is working on his short story, "SHITSTORM" after some mf'r leaked the dam thing. 11:08pm

Headway is made with SHITSTORM and now it is nearly 6000 words.

I am right now doing at least fleshing out the paragraphs on the story, SHITSTORM, and what these bastards are doing are hindering the promotion process.
still plans on releasing it!

Note to Nicky: It's horrible! Many read it, not one person had anything good to say about it. Your best bet is to let it die, delete any word processing programs on your computer, bathe, then find something productive to do with your life. Try making little versions of the Sears Tower out of pipe cleaners to sell to tourists, or contract yourself out to shampoo companies so that they can test their latest products on your itchy facial hair. ANYTHING but writing.

You seriously have no idea how bad you suck. Sure family members, friends, and people hoping to get into your "publications" praise you shit, but I am positive that 99% of them are lying. Lying to be kind and not hurt your feelings. Not that all of those people telling you that you suck would stop you.

Seriously Nicky, SHITSTORM didn't piss anyone off, it didn't expose any of your foes, it did manage to get people to pity you, your main goal these days, but not because of the horrors you write that you endured. They pity you because they read SHITSTORM and feel bad that your brain is obviously damaged.

I'll let you have the pipe cleaner tourist thing for free. As long as it keeps you too occupied to type anymore.


Lewis said...

As one of the poor buggers who toiled through shitstorm I fear making little models out of pipe cleaners for tourists would be beyond his reach.

autoaim.cfg said...


Lewis said...

Nicky is falsely accusing someone else of charity fraud.

From his new article on A.C.
"The very fact that Richard Charles Kyanka, 31, had scammed a lot of people in the name of charity. I am surprised they hadn't put him away for fraud, well not yet."

Of course the wikipedia article he links clears that up it's still rather hypocritical of him as from one of your articles he's done it twice.

Bluey said...

I've got an idea: open up Nicky's basement to tourists! Call it Trainwreckland or something suitably evocative, issue all comers with breath masks, and Nick can make pipe cleaner models of himself to sell. That should suit his own idolatrous self-worship impulse nicely.

Jenny said...

I agree, ETT. "Shitstorm" was a pile of shit.

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