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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Defense of Melany

Swiped from 50 Foot Ant's AC page
I never cheated on you Melany. The orime I did against you was I didn't have a phone and didn't have a kitchen in my apartment. I never cheated -- a friend of mine who worked with me knew you cheated on me. I am not even sure if my son is even mine. As for Willard -- how many women you had on the side when you were married to Linda? I am willing to bet you have a sex disease right now. I felt like a weight came off my shoulders when your mother passed away., It felt like I really was free there. I am just waiting for your dad to keel over from natural causes. Good riddance to the would be mother-in-law, and thank god I am still single. I wouldn't want to married to someone who would want to live somewhere where civilization is almost 40 miles away and everywhere local is a long distance call. At least calling Rockford is a local call for me. I am wondering how many times you cheated on your wife Willard. I should had guessed your last name is the same as a

Posted on 11/12/2008 at 8:11:09 PM

I can prove Nicky is lying, and in doing so preserve Melany's reputation.

For this, I must go back to my blog entry from December of last year
To my * ******* ******* "******" Pacione,,
I even took out the reference of the sex of the child, as I wanted to completely conceal the child's identity. Point is, he clearly says "my".
******, on ******* **th is your *** birthday at the time I had written this one. I know you are too young to be reading this right now but when you are old enough to read it -- hopefully you would be able to find my name on a search engine and this would pull up. I had been too sick to raise you and would be missing out on you growing up which is something that caused me to die inside because I did not have a father -- well I did but he was basically nonexistant.
So, Nicky blasted Melany's father and we know that Nicky knows little of his own. In fact, he refers to him as "That bastard that donated sperm for me" and he isn't referring to that guy behind The Exit a few months ago who...well that's for another time. ;)
The father came into my life when I was ten years old -- in form of a step-father. If livejournal is around as long as you are in your teens you would find this, but right now you are three years old -- happy belated birthday, right now I am in tears thinking about you and I will always be your father, no matter what happens -- and your mother always be your mother even though we terminated our parental rights.
What was that Nicky? You will always be the child's father? But you just said today you probably aren't!
I did everything wrong in the beginning -- I was too young to raise you at 22, still a kid myself in some ways.
According to recently emails sent from you, the family you live with still considers you a child, Nicky. At least there you told the truth in whole.
but now I had know I was too sick mentally to raise you but when you are old enough to read this -- maybe when your are thirteen I will get you an email address through my server, and you can remain in touch with me because I stiill want to be your father and had every intention to raise you but funds were unable to do so because you had many special needs.
Melany I hope you don't take offense to this, but Nicky hinted in a private conversation with someone a few years ago that his genes were the reason for the special needs.

As a matter of fact, the same post confirms his belief in this when he said
...but the responsible thing for me now is to get well from this curse of mental illness -- it is one that was inhereted from your biological grandfather, the asshole who is my birth father.
And even though that is enough to confirm his lie, in his own words lie the final damning piece of evidence.
you look more like your mother but you would have some of my quirks such as my illness, a mental illness.
There you go. Game set match. But wait, there's more!
I am not sure what ****** gave you but though you may not have the same name you were given but keep in mind that you are always a Pacione.
Always be a Pacione. Because he knows that is his child.
I am doing this on my livejournal because there is a reason for this, and as a father I love you very much
One of the reasons I travel when I can is to drown all the pain inside of not having you in my arms and holding you like a father should.
The match is over and there is no sense reading the rest (especially when you can read it all here) but this last part, well I want to repost it. Why? Something Awful goons have a fantastic, almost scary ability to dig up dirt on their victims. "Detectives" they are often refered to. The following I am reposting in the hopes they will dig this up.
But if you find a Jerry Springer taping if you have friends parents who watch it -- ask them about the Springer episode taped April 4th, 2001, at 2:00 PM which was the one called Wild Affairs. Even if you have to call the show and request a copy of it if Springer is still around because that is one you'd be cracking up because your daddy can be a funny man if he wanted to be.
Now, since I have decimated one of Nicky's claims from the post in Ant's blog, it's safe to assume he is a liar about everything else too, therefore her reputation stays intact. Nicky failed in trying to convince us she is a slut.

He also went after innocents again, in this case Ant's family, so this post will not be his punishment for that. That has earned a seperate blog entry. Or three. >:)


Melany said...

There's also the fact that if he didn't think he was his son there was nothing stopping him from demanding and taking a paternity test.

Thank you for providing more proof that Nicky is an ass, and that any woman thinking of dating him can do much better.

I would also like to state that due to some of the special needs of my son (which are ongoing and more severe than Nicky probably knows about) that it's highly unlikely he'll ever go looking for his real father. Which in my mind is a very good thing. I don't want him to know what his real father is like. He would be so ashamed to know where he came from.

Bluey said...

Thank fuck for that. That kid doesn't need someone like Nicky in his life.

What the fuck's Nickydoodle playing at, anyway? Trying to get a Maury appearance out of it or something? "That kid don't look nothin' like me! Y'all don't know me! Y'all don't know me!"

Tabitha said...

The kid's miles better off not knowing his dad, and even better than that for having Melany in his life. Nicorette needs to focus on his relationships with those who, for whatever reason, can still stand to be around him.

ExposeTheTard said...

Melany I am really sorry to hear that. Please don't think I was using your child to get back at him.

I did it to defend you and remind him that is his child, but the latter is a bad idea he needs to forget that.

bluey Nicky did that very thing not that long ago. He was upset as always, and was demanding we all go on a talk show with him so the audience could yell at us. Some thought Maurey or Jerry, I myself think he watches Tyre. But yes, he did try to get an "appearance" with myself and others on a talk show to fight it out there.

Anonymity is like a warm blanket and I go to great lengths in keeping mine, such as not posting in the comments sections of sites like Rusty's, but were something like that to happen? Sure I'd "expose" myself, if only to get him on stage and let the audience see him go into his nonsensical rants. Once it would be established he was homophobic, something he'd confirm, the audience would turn on him. The fainting and EMTs rushing to the stage would all be worth it. :)

Melany said...

Not a single one of you have attacked me. All I've seen is a bunch of folks that put NIcky in the same place that I do: Lower than what I scoop out of my cats' litter box on a daily basis. He's just not important to me anymore. He can find some other poor girl to lie, cheat, and steal from. (though I'd love to be able to warn them all)

Anonymous said...

ETT a freebie copy of Ethereal Gazette was burned yesterday. A large flame probably the biggest out of all of them, but props to my penis because I pissed the flame out. When you see the flame you will appreciate that feat.

Will post it in a few hours.

Angry In Illinois said...


Bluey said...

Doubt you could warn every single member of your gender, Melany, but there's always dontdatehimgirl.com ... his entry is conspicuous by its absence!

Anonymous said...

Burn baby burn, disco inferno!


therustynail said...

Check out this one, too:


Peaches is going to have a stroke.

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