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Monday, November 10, 2008

In Defense Of AutoAim

I saw on Something Awful last night, a site I love to read btw, that a few were questioning autoaim's choice to continue to fuck with Nicky.

A few on there, who seem like good people and possess the ability to pity which isn't a bad thing, wondered if he isn't "picking" on Nicky, if he is going too far. One recanted after Nicky decided to support Uwe Boll, who has been called "Hollywood's Pacione" by some.

I've been documenting Nicky for years for a reason. Yes he has more mental issues than he has acne, and that is a lot. Yes he is twisted and needs to be put away somewhere. But if autoaim were to stop right now, Nicky wouldn't. After Nicky's next absence from the net, which happens like clockwork, he'll be back to harass.

When he does, he'll mostly go after women. The women and others he will go after will have done the very thing autoaim's detractors are telling him to do, which is to ignore Nicky. Folks who will have gone months or years without even typing his name will be brought up, threatened, harassed, and have their good name dragged through the mud.

If you pity the calls he is getting, then you should look up Nicky's past regarding phone calls. He used to call people out of nowhere after tracking down their number and harass them at their homes. Threats and insults awaited anyone whose number was at Nicky's disposal. If a website featured a forum where people spoke of him without the webmaster knowing? It didn't matter, the webmaster would get a harassing call.

How do you think his number got out the first time?

Recently, Nicky took to drinking too much and calling people again. None of the people he called deserved it. He didn't respect their privacy and chose to tie up their phone line with his hate.

What autoaim and others are doing is giving Nicky something to occupy his time. If he is dealing with them, he isn't harassing others who don't deserve it. And at some point in the future, he will find new victims, most female. When they google him, they will feel better knowing that this monster who is trying to terrorize them isn't so tough, and will feel better knowing folks like autoaim, Rusty Nail, and select goons have put him in his place. Trust me I've been watching it for years: When people back off and leave him be, he always returns, and no one will ever officially be off his shit list.

The poor mentally challenged caveman you pity isn't as harmless as you think. Physically? Yes you are safe as long as you aren't a newborn baby. But that doesn't mean he won't harass people in the future, the same way he is being harassed by autoaim.

Trust me I have seen internet psychos. Nicky, Larry aka ValentineVegan, and some others, are evil. Go look at ValentineVegan, who Nicky went back to calling a friend, and tell me autoaim is as bad as him. He isn't.

The enemy of my enemy isn't my friend. I wouldn't condone his actions and the actions of other EONs if they were too much or over the top simply because I dislike Nicky. If I thought he were going overboard I'd probably send him an email in private and tell him so. I haven't yet, so he officially has my support in his lulz.

People like autoaim, Rusty Nail, Janrae Frank, and the other EONs are good people. They work hard, pay their taxes, and lead normal lives. They have chosen to warn others about a disturbed individual who will prey on women and young people and in doing so, really are doing the public a service.

On a side note: I noticed Nicky's hateful and threatening voicemails that were on Encyclopedia Dramatica are no longer available via working links. I saved all of those, and will either repost them here, give them to someone with an ED account to fix the links, or give them to whomever emails and asks. Listen to them, and you will hear that autoaim is no where near as bad as Nicky is when he is doing the calling.

edit: If I may steal the words from nionate:

I also feel uncomfortable with innocent civilians getting caught in the
crossfire. On the other hand, Nicky has no qualms about threatening the young
children of his many 'enemies', yet cries blue murder whenever one of his
elderly relatives is mildly inconvenienced by picking up a phone call intended
for him. It is hard for me to feel too sorry for the Nickster.


Mentally ill, yes, obviously. That doesn't excuse him from the abhorrent poo poo
he's pulled. He is an adult, he can tell right from wrong and he does know
better. He just doesn't care because he's a hypocritical, self-centered rear end
in a top hat.

In the calls autoaim has recorded, I haven't heard any mention of his family, nor have I heard them on the phone. Nicky has recently called someone's parents to harrass them, and in autoaim's recent calls, it's just Nicky he deals with.

There is a large list of people who at one time, decided to give up arguing with him and let him be because he is a sick and mentally challenged individual. Most of those people found themselves back in his cross hairs months or years later out of nowhere, where it was evident that while they had buried the hatchet with him out of pity, Nicky still saw them as a threat and was going to continue to drag their name in the dirt for as long as he was alive.

A few famous authors have said they were done with him, only to have him continue to besmirch them. To this day, Nicky will spread hate and lies about them, even going so far as to rate their books as poor on Amazon.com - something he whined about before that others did to him - long after they stopped mentioning him.

You are good people for showing pity, but it should be given to those that truly deserve it.


Anonymous said...

I'm new to all this, but I have to say, thanks for posting all this information. All of you (except of course our esteemed author) have been great, and very helpful, keep the information flowing, maybe one day Dickless will get the picture and give up.

Sabledrake said...

Well said. Fully agreed.

Mental illness may explain behavior, but doesn't EXCUSE it.

He's reaping as he sows and it's well deserved.

Plus, autoaim's a hottie. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking in the shadows for the past year or so. Its been interesting. So much as happened its hard to keep up with it all. Expose the Tard and Nicky's blog are really the only blogs I have time to read anymore. They're entertaining and funny especially since Nicky sucks so hard and its so funny watching him make a total ass of himself.

- Velmonturna

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