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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AUTOAIM IS BACK! or A Bad Day For Nicky

Phoenix Rising!

In other great news, lulu.com finally suspended Nicky's account, as reported by Rusty Nail.

For this, I have to steal something from her comments section, because it made me lol and seemed perfect.

The following goes in chronological order starting when Nicky first woke up and went about his day until he discovered that lulu had punked him good.

This is how a bad day starts and only gets worse. lol

3:44am Nickolaus is updating his lulu.com storefront with a banner to nextcat.com; this is a directory for people looking for work in the entertainment industry.

3:52am Nickolaus going, "SHIT TERMPORARY DISBABLED on lulu.com".

3:55am Nickolaus will have his site back on the 24 of the month but if you want to buy copies of the book -- see me on the 29th and I will have Tabloid Purposes IV there.

4:26am Nickolaus angry because Jane Timm Baxter caused his lulu.com site got disabled for four days. But has his other storefront which he will sell Tabloid Purposes IV from.

4:44am Nickolaus muttering, "Fuck you Baxter."

7:45am Nickolaus will have Tabloid Purposes IV available for sale on another storefront.

8:26am Nickolaus is annoyned at how one blog is going around stealing everything of his and watermarking it as if it was theirs.

9:37am Nickolaus anyone wanting Tabloid Purposes IV, It's available here -- http://www.lulu.com/content/4957967 Screw the trolls, I am making it available as a direct link.

10:15am Here's Tabloid Purposes IV. Go ahead and grab this up as a direct link. I am signing these next saturday.

5:59pm ...I am wondering which “author” gave Preditors & Editors information about blackballing my imprint. I guess this might be a victory for those douchebags too...

...You were too much trouble than you were worth, and ten years from now I picture you pushing a cart around downtown Atlanta, or Athens, Georgia,” Wait isn’t she the one who got the mentally ill person’s storefront shut down on lulu.com? Don’t buy anything from her if that’s the case.”...


50 Foot Ant said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but providing a direct link after the storefront is shut down is bypassing the suspension, and cause for immediate termination, right?

What a shame if someone told Lulu about that, huh?

Ben McClellan said...

I find it hysterical that Pacione assumes that HE won't be homeless and pushing a cart around downtown Chicago, Joliet, or even Morris in ten years.

Hell, that could happen in ten months if he keeps acting up!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if Nicky's actions are grounds for immediate termination, but they are certainly grounds for Not Getting It.

If only Not Getting It was a crime...

ExposeTheTard said...

I'm not sure Ant. If you notice the links on my site aren't going to his lulu pages. ;)

However if that is true, it's certainly worth emailing lulu.com a link to him doing that.

At the moment he is suspended there. If you are right, I'm sure he'll be done for, and I got an email today saying his other options besides lulu will cost him a lot more money and he probably doesn't know that yet.

Whelp I'm going to go contact lulu now. :D

Jenny said...

Does anyone know why Nicky's Lulu account got suspended for a few days? I'm dying of curiousity.

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