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Monday, November 10, 2008

Ugly Cold Sores and Sleepsacks or I Was A Wimp In Basic Training

I have been holding out, and for that I apologize. I have way more sleepsack references from his past than I remembered.

Monday, November 4th, 2002 2:43 am
My sleep was sporatic at times with dreams but vague -- too vague to put into words. But nonetheless, I managed to get enough sleep where it would make
the difference in healing or having a relapse. I am going to call a doctor today
though to find out if it is just a nasty cold, flu or bronchitis. I am lucky to have a check each month and to have medical which means all I need now is a regular doctor; I met others who are not so fortunate. Sometimes I want to find a way to help them out and sometimes when I am stuck in that position I am often on my last five dollars for that day. When I lay down to sleep at times -- I think about the ones who don't have a place to lay their head; where I was like that for three months and for a few days in Iowa back in February of 1998. In the note of how I am doing with the sleep -- I slept until about dusk yesterday.
I was laying there with the television on, and waited to go under -- waited for the NyQuil to kick in. I would feel groggy even when I got the sleep needed -- but that is the result of being sick and not being able to sleep straight through because of all the sneezing I was doing.

For those new to Nickydom, he was homeless for a time after being shunned by his ex. He was later sent a bus ticket to come live in Illinois, where he still dwells in a basement today.

Friday, November 8th, 2002 6:51 am
I am starting to show some signs of improvement but the relatives are planning to take me to the hospital to make sure that I don't have complications from it being in form of bronchitis or pnemonia. I never had the second one but the bronchitis is something that caused me to collapse while I was in basic training. I had bad chills and had to keep wrapped up in blankets and sleeping bags -- I did just that when I had a hospital blanket that was made into a liner and pulled that around me when I was in a sleeping bag. I basically slept like there was no tomorrow -- from the chemical help in form of the theraflu; being that I have the sleep testing in a few days, I want to make sure that the cold or what was the nasty illness out of my system by then --

I have to stop here to warn you to not read the following if you have not already eaten.

Eat yet? Good, because this would ruin your appetite.

and as I speak I have this ugly cold sore beneath my mustache, from all the sneezing I had done back from Halloween.

See? Wasn't that nice of me? ;D

But now at least there is some improvement, not enough to really show because my strength is not fully back yet.

Saturday, November 9th, 2002 11:55 pm
I went to the hospital about 10:30 AM this morning -- been there for about two hours and turned out that I have acute bronchitis. I had gone to bed the moment I got home and don't know for how long that I had actually slept but I knew that I did sleep for a long time; but still feel like all my energy was drained out of me. I mean this is the closest to how I got when I was in the military -- when I was sick with bronchitis there -- no fever but had a chill like there was no tomorrow. I was taken to get my chest x-rayed and found out that there was an inflammation of the lungs as a result of all the coughing I had been doing; where in my dreams I felt like someone mummified me then slowly proceed to carve my lungs while I was still alive. I know that was a bit graphic but that is the closest I can get to describing to how this bronchitis feels -- everything I could do but nothing that I was really able to do about it. I thought it was something worst than bronchitis. I was supposed to get verything
packed up for Monday because I am going to Joliet for my sleep testing on Tuesday and have to get eveything going for that test, the nurses told me that I could pack whatever I need and since I have been sick they said I am allowed to pack my sleeping bag liners since I have bronchitis and knowing that it would be in my system for almost a week yet.
Bronchitis was in my system for a long time before when I had it so when I get sick now it is never a cold but it is this. I actually got a few from melo sending me their get well wishes as well as a few from the community, and while in bed I actually put together the entries here from the ones on xanga to write one titled The Penned Sleep, and some pictures would show from the past few days of how ill I was -- in the point where the chills where so bad that I had to keep cocooned in many blankets.

Did you notice he was deathly ill, yet there were pictures of him in bed? The pictures are all over this blog in previous posts if the ninety pictures of him sleeping weren't enough for you.

It was with all the coughing that followed the chills -- where in the hospital was well I had the chills when I was getting the x-rays done. Time goes really slow when one is in the hospital -- sometimes it is goes like nothing especially when one is injured but when one is sick the time goes like seconds would feel like hours.


cussedness said...

What a wimp! He has always acted as if bronchitis was some dire, life-threatening illness.

Bluey said...

All he has to do is cough and it sends him whimpering back into his sleeping bag. If only his relatives had the wit to wait for it to happen again, give him a dozen housebricks to keep him company and tie the bag closed. They could drop him into a canal and all his problems would be solved.

Anonymous said...

Since when does sneezing cause oral herpes? It's a virus, for chrissakes. Sneezing can be a symptom of a cold, but if so, that's caused by a different virus.

For a guy with so many medical problems, his medical knowledge is virtually nonexistant.

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