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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nicky The Deathly Ill Wrestler

Currently, Nicky is trying to get someone who owns a local wrestling circuit in his area to sanction a match for him. Nicky knows wrestling is fake, yet wants to fight someone anyway, and wants the local promoter to set it up so that Nicky can have a real wrestling match in the ring with one of his foes. You read that correctly.

Remember when he went to that movie premiere for the vampire flick that featured one of his books on a bookshelf? He took a train as far as he could to the theater, then walked the rest of the way, and almost passed out from heat exhaustion. He was wearing his typical light blue dress shirt, fake Dali tie, and White
Sox hat to that event, and that apparently was too much for him.

Here are just a few examples
Goth Con 2002 - So I was starting to think about that accident when I was on the train more and the nightmares combined with the not being able to find my meds caused me to go into a bipolar version of a diabetic shock. I think that explained why I was so tired coming down to New Orleans because I did not really get that much sleep or when I did sleep -- it was a very light one. Though I knew that Michelle was going to be down there to meet me -- the train was running late. I was basic carted in because they thought I was in bad shape. A nervous wreck -- basically that was the way I can best describe it, I had pulled out the bedding I had packed for the trip and fell asleep on the handicapped cabin.
Of course it had to be documented in "The Hand Trembler"
Convergence 10 - Collapsed and had to be taken in an ambulance - That I had became sick the first time I was in the Metro but this wasn’t as bad as the first time I was sick there. I thought December 22, 1995, was the day that comes to mind the first time I was in the Metro.
And of course the most important part of those nights were that everyone got to see him get hauled away in an ambulance by his beloved EMTs.
The concern is something I will remember for years to come from the others who saw me escorted to the hospital.
I knew some were really concerned especially I didn’t know how bad my body was responding because I wasn’t able to get to my meds. That when I got to the Metro my body was badly dehydrated and shown the signs of a variation of a diabetic shock but I wasn’t diabetic.
“Nick, we are going to have to call the ambulance for you,” one of the security guards said to me, “we cannot let you back in tonight because you will be a liability.” I agreed for them to call the ambulance.
...the questions of why there was an ambulance in front of the Caberet Metro on the last day of Convergence, the answer of that question would remain in the man who is writing this narrative.
He always makes a point to do that shit when there are a shitload of people around to get their attention.

Was this the first time it happened? There? NO!
It would be as such when I went to a conference in 2001, a few days after the event ended I was having to be in the hospital because I was without my meds.
More recently, Nicky tried and failed again.
April 19, 2008, Neutral Red Show at the Nite Cap - I knew Wolf would be wanting to make use of this one. Grigori 3 tore things up at that show. I was feeling sick that day because of the heat, didn't work too well with my medication.
He simply cannot go out without falling ill.

Here we see him at a
Grigori 3 show checking his own pulse to see if he gets to faint again and get strapped in by his beloved EMTS.
So you see, when Nicky challenges you to a wrestling match, you need only to wait a bit and he will K.O. himself. If you want the fight to end early, hire a couple of people to dress in EMT outfits and have them stand by the ring. When he sees them, his eyes will turn into hearts and his heart will protrude from his chest under his shirt in a cartoon-like fashion seconds before he will pass out and prepare to be strapped to a gurney for his weekly ambulance ride to the ER.

That's if he isn't drunk again.


Jenny said...

So who pays for all of these ambulance rides? Oh wait, that would be our tax dollars. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Alright ETT I am pissed. I saw on one of his articles he claims the guy that runs Something Awful was behind the book burnings, and I ain't him nor do I know anything about them.

Plus he is being a dickface in general as of late, so tomorrow weather permitting I am burning a freebie of Ethereal Gazette. It was the one he promised the authors wouldn't get burned, I am about to make him a liar.

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