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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nicky Has Issues And Lots Of Tissues

Sorry folks I posted an entry yesterday out of order. Technically this should have went up yesterday. You see, I had planned a series of posts that all ran in order of Nicky complaining how sick he always is, to show those he threatens his almost constant weak state. He pretty much can't leave the house without falling ill, be it concerts or whatever.

Then something else came along and I stopped the series to cover something else, which I cannot remember off the top of my head. They are all still cued up here in my blogspot thingy so it's a matter of going back and making them live.

It's more of him whining about being sick and of course, those erotic sleepsacks.

Wednesday, October 30th, 2002
10:56 pm
Finally managed to get some sleep -- though I am still groggy, under the weather and wasn't feeling well. Still trying to fight the effects of the cold, basically I remain shrouded up in bed and had a rough time falling asleep even though I was really doped up on Tylenol PM and NyQuil. Just felt really confined to bed. I felt like that a few times when I was in college, where I get sick without a fever so when the doctors would check me over they would have have to check for the other things.
The poor doctors had to check for other things on Nicky. Not even House could figure out wtf is wrong with him.
3:45 am
48 hours, and haven't been able to really get a good sleep in there, that will change this morning though. I am going sleep like if I was in a coffin tonight -- basically so tired where they would be checking my pulse to see if I was breathing. Something I remember Erica doing when I first stayed at her apartment, all I can remember was it was a peaceful quiet and the longest I had ever slept in a long time -- literary from 12 minight until 2 pm. She was wondering if I was alive beneath her quilt -- the way I was wrapped up almost looked of the appearance of being dead. I am sound sleeper when I do sleep but sometimes I am a very light sleeper -- happens more when I was in the Navy when I would be a light sleeper. I am a light one when I am not feeling well but when I am good and tired is when I will sleep almost anywhere, wrap myself in a blanket and curl up on the couch watching something on court-tv would be the signs of when I am going to sleep.
See, he can't even stay at a chick's place without craving that attention that the sick get. He slept for fourteen hours because he stays up all night like a teenager with their parents gone and is lazy. No real medical mystery there.

As you will see in the following post, someone thought it was a good idea for Nicky, who was sick and covered with germs, to pass out candy to children. Were he well I would still advise against that. He also wanted to take a picture of himself, again, sick in bed, but was out of batteries.
Friday, November 1st, 2002
10:12 pm
Of all holidays, I had to be sick on Halloween. I would rather be sick on Christmas than Halloween, but I made the best of it by setting up my station with two pillows and a sleeping bag. I had Awaiting Fullness on my bedside and the wastebaskets for the tissues because I could not stop sneezing so between trick or treaters I had tried to power nap between them -- I wish I got a picture of this but my camera was dead, bad time for the camera's battery to die out. I was watching AMC's horror marathon -- first time I had seen Halloween 5: Revenge Of Micheal Myers, and some of the Universal horror films from the golden age; then in a long time I've seen Halloween III: Seasons of the Witch. The one thing that blew my mind was the show called Short Screamers.
I was curled up in a sleeping bag watching the films with the tissues and hot tea nearby because I could not stop sneezing and coughing. It felt like a nightmare when I fell asleep because I dreamed that I was falling and suffocating, as in could not stop coughing long enough to breathe. I remember when I was in the Navy and had spells like that of coughing so violently that I thought I was going to vomit up blood, but that was something that was in the dream where I could not stop vomiting that toilet was full of blood. I woke up about 8 am and groggy as hell; long enough to get something to munch on then went back to sleep and it was a sleep without dreams. Curled up in a little cocoon with the blankets. It almost reminded me of the short screamer where the one was terminally ill in the dream she was bleeding from it seemed like some kind of incision.
My coughing was so violent that it felt like someone did slash my throat; and so I felt as everything around me ached so bad that I cannot move. I layed in bed watching the Short Screamers. So basically I was watching that while drinking on some hot tea and curled up in the sleeping bags and blankets; for the short time they did those films they really play with the imagination. I got a few treats of my own in the guestbook on my other journal, some signed it and emailed me saying they liked the material. While resting outside I was reading the sonnets, on Ceara's book -- her book is a dark masterpiece. It made for some good bed side reading.
I will write more of the dreams at a later time on the other journal. But with the illness and coughing, someone who has an imagination like what I have or other horror writers who write within the genre -- it is sometimes illness upon the holiday of the witching hour where the darkest material will come out to the open.
On top of the whole sleepsack laughfest, there is another reason I am choosing now to highlight his poor health, that I will continue in a separate blog directly after. No it won't be more whining from him from 2002, that will follow later.

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