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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Updates From The Awakening II

This post is being corrected since one of the three friends came forward this morning to inform me his buddy lied about even being there just to get a rise out of Nicky. My female source was the one I have been able to rely on in the past. I have no ill will towards the pranksters but am not going to post something on here I know not to be true.

Source 2: OMG you were right! It's all true! He carries around those totes with all of his crap in them and is out of breath and stinks like nasty cigars and B.O. His table looks like crap too lol. I don't know if you talk to the real Melany, but don't let me forget to ask her if he always picked at the scabs on his face while he stares off in the distance or not. That and the sweating and nervous ticks with his head and eyes.
Source 2 second email: No she had to work the next day so we left not long after. I told her if we stayed long enough we'd be treated to him collapsing and being carried away in an ambulance but she wasn't game and she was my ride damnit. We didn't get that close to him she was scared and I was happy with the fact I was in the same room as him watching him fail. No cell pics. I thought for sure I took at least one but when I checked it later some douche had walked in front of us apparently as I was snapping it. And no not close enough to smell him ew.

There are other tidbits that for now I have to sit on. One is awesome, but involves a true innocent who pwned him soley to protect them self, not for laughs, and a prank whose pullers would rather wait and read Nicky ranting about said prank in a blog entry than to spill the beans just yet.

Sadly you'll have to wait until at least the 5th of December when he gets home. Yes he is going to be in the city that long. Yes, a birdie says he will be using an internet connection other than his own to upload videos since the connection he has is sad and slow. Oh, and yes he will be "donating" copies of his shit to another event, in case any of those he owes money to is reading this. If you are, sorry folks you get a PDF of something you worked on, while Nicky gives away what he claims he can't afford to give you to try and fit in with yuppies. You read that right. He'll have to pay to get into that too, and isn't selling anything. Not that he is at The Awakening II.
International ones are PDF because it costs a fortune to mail them out. I work with lulu.com so it is a little tricky.
He's always trying to get his "roster" of authors together for events to promote the former Lake Fossil Press. I hope he does someday, because it would be funny to see dozens of people beat his ass for non-payment among other things.


Bluey said...

Hmm. I can either wait until the 5th and post the tenth money-making tip for Nicky to follow then... or do it this evening. Ah, fuck it. Strike while the iron's hot, that's what I say.

Jenny said...

Those comments kinda make me feel sorry for him. I know he's a blowhard and an ass, but still... *sigh* It must be the holiday spirit.

ExposeTheTard said...

I agree Jenny and apparently it was too gross to be true. D*** emailed me this morning - well apparently last night but I didn't get it until this morning - and said they never went and that his friend wanted that story to get out to piss Nicky off. My policy is that I use truth and most of his own words to pwn him with the exception of hosting a few videos, and frankly am about to be done with the current news aspect of this site. I think I am going back to simply posting the past. That, I can confirm.

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