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Friday, May 2, 2008

"that bastard that donated the sperm for me"

Ooh Nicky you don't learn do you? I warned you not to mess with innocents, and relatives are included in that category. I warned you that you wouldn't like this next one. I tried to warn you. Here's another warning: The next one is just as bad, so knock it off.

Nicky was once available to photograph weddings! The only downside was that you couldn't be gay and you needed to supply him with a nicer camera.

Oh, and the truth about Nicky's father or as he calls him "that bastard that donated the sperm for me". From the title of this thread you probably thought it was going to be about a gym shower experience in his high school days.

Sunday, June 17th, 2001
11:47 am
father's day,,,
Well 14 years of having a father, but for that bastard who donated the sperm for me to be -- I wonder how many father's days that he had been locked up. Well sometimes I am told not to think about this, though the thoughts that are there. All of my friends that are fathers or soon to be fathers -- be a father to your kids otherwise they would become how I am, where I do not like my biological father since he walked out on my mother when she needed him the most. Well the best father I have happened to be my stepfather -- taught me all he knew about photography and I took it to where I wanted to do art photography. I thought of doing a few weddings but I am not that good yet as a photographer -- need a different camera to do that. I will not do same sex weddings, do don't ask because the anwser is no. I would do gothic weddings in a heartbeat as long as they are a man and a natural born woman. *lol*

Sorry for such a short post. To make up for it, I'll give you the chance to do what everyone wants to do... KICK NICKY'S ASS!
Can you beat 40,676 M?


mike Brendan said...


Anonymous said...


I don't know what's better him bitching about daddy or kicking his ass!

Jodi Lee said...

146,955m Hilarious!

cussedness said...


Phil Smith said...


Bah. I'm outclassed here. I'm up against talented ass-kickers.

Anonymous said...

110,844. I'm such a wuss.

*hides from Phil*

Anonymous said...

162,872m. I had no idea he was that aerodynamic.

Valyn said...

153,145m That was cathartic. ;-)

I would do gothic weddings in a heartbeat as long as they are a man and a natural born woman. *lol*

This always gives me lulz. Natural woman?

*walks away singing* You make me feel like a natural woman.........

Ben said...

I kicked him 53,413 meters.

I wonder if he'd fly much further if you were able to kick him square in the head.

Also, if his stepfather is so great, then why doesn't Nicky clarify why he and his mother don't want him living with them?

ExposeTheTard said...

They did, Ben, his mom himself told the internet. Basically he hates rules, didn't like their's, and he ran away. He wound up homeless on the street and wouldn't return home so his grandmother bought him a bus ticket to come live with her.

Anonymous said...

137109! LOL that is fun!

Anonymous said...

And he's been in and out of Granny's basement ever since. He got kicked out of every other place he's ever tried living. The boy seems to think that everyone should pay his share of the rent, utilities, and groceries.

Natalie said...

I got 138,421 and I bookmarked the entry. It almost sounds like his butt whistles when you score a perfect hit.

ExposeTheTard said...

Not whistles, his butt makes the sound of blowing into a large mason jar when the wind hits it.

How do you think he got that new computer?

Anonymous said...

162,834. I'm improving.

TeKajo said...

Damn that was fun. lol

i let my eight year old godson take a whack at him. He got 154,628m. And he can't stop giggling. Like me. lol

Anonymous said...

hey ETT

nicky has been corresponding with me via email and going thru his usual insults and at one point started accusing me of being a child raper.

but the emails got graphic and he started asking me in graphic detail if i did but in a really horrific manner. i wont copy and paste it here its that gross but i am grateful he isnt ever allowed ever again to see his kid and im glad that no woman would get close enough to him to make another in fact id say its time to commit him again

Crawford Tillinghast said...

The only way that game could be any better is if there were a few rocks along the way for Nick to bash his face into.

His ED page now has a link to this and the other games, by the way.

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