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Friday, May 16, 2008

"the African American poplulation"

The picture that is to accompany this entry will be added later, and this entry is one page split into two entries.

For now, it is important for you to see where most of his gothic stories came from and his friend base, the African American "population", and if that isn't enough to floor you, him reading "Beloved". Didn't know he was part of Oprah's reading club, did you?

Those that are wondering what it is about Illinois and the darker side of life -- Chicago and its collar counties that would be more particular since it has a history that would haunt the souls of the ones that would visit. The ideas behind the film The Dark City would mirror the city of Chicago well since it is a totally different city at night as would my ex would describe it. As I would stand here in this photo with a long time friend, she had asked me where I get the ideas for my writing. I told her that I take it from our hometown of Glendale Heights, Illinois. Which is in the dark pentagram that would encircle Chicago, Schamburg, Joliet, Glendale Heights, and Naperville. The cemeteries there would reflect the writings of J.M. Barlog, and of my own work. This would answer the question about my friend base, some of my most gothic stories came from the African American poplulation, the book Beloved is going to be on my reading list for my plane ride from O'Hare.

If one wants to write gothic in Illinois they would have to become accustomed to the stories that would go behind the collar counties -- for every gothic story that would sit within the walls of Chicago, the is a few that would stand alone in the city limits. As I would write my dark literatur and during periods when I would have writer's block. I would spend days at a time walking with my camera -- collecting ideas that would later bring to life in the written word. The written word, indeed can paint pictures that would haunt the nighmares of the soul. If one lives in Du Page county during the years of 1993 thru 1995, one would now know of the infamos rape that took place in the office of a gym teacher -- a teacher formerly named Richard Cruise, Fox WFLD, had immortalized this moment of scrutinity -- but that kind of scrutiny had invoked the imaginations of the darker side of life. When I started with my writing I in turn became a dark historian since the local history hides all the things that are left unwritten.

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