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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


He's on youtube relating himself to the victim of the "Myspace Mom".

NickolausPacione (2 days ago) Show Hide
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I know this all too well because I've been stalked maliciously and impersonated on here. I am a hated person because I speak the truth and very honest about anything. I didn't hide behind any screen names in the beginning. The scary thing about this though is my mother is 47 and my sister is same age as the girl who hung herself.

The fucked up thing about this being there are a lot of people who openly practice this and burning books on youtube too. I will give you more examples later.

dj6ual (2 days ago) Show Hide
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Thank u so much for sharing. I would love you to post moreof ur thoughts. You sond like a very good person. I appreciate ur comment...

NickolausPacione (1 day ago) Show Hide
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I can do one better. Take a look at my piss blogger rant on here if you want, that puts it all out there. Then I will have a video on Current TV talking about the book I wrote.

This is actually goes in connection with the book I wrote last summer and been out for a year. People maliciously pirated the book too and went as far as to accuse me of plagiarism because I don't write the trend crap.

He sounds really sincere. It's all about him. A teenage girl dies and he uses that page to whine about his own problems, then again tells the world his mom's real age.


Anonymous said...

Unless he's suicidal and think people have entrapped him into false friendships to hurt him, he's got no business comparing himself to that poor girl.

It's disgusting the way he insinuates himself into other people's tragedies to milk sympathy for himself.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Nicky. People don't hate you because you're outspoken, conservative, controversial, transgressive or whatever the hell else you're calling yourself, people hate you because you are a hateful person.

Quit ragging on the 'hiding behind screen names thing', too. Using your real name on the internet, unless it's in a professional or academic context, is FUCKING STUPID.

RayGarton said...

My name is Ray Garton, and I'm a writer. It's what I do. I've got over fifty books to my credit, three of which are in the works as movies (shameless plug -- my new novel RAVENOUS is in stores now). I do not know Nick Pacione, I've never met him. But I'm a professional writer with some success, a fan base, and I've been published by real, actual publishers -- which, in Nicky's world, makes me The Enemy. Some years ago, I took a lot of abuse and harassment from Nicky, but I hadn't thought of him in years -- until, out of the blue, he messaged me on Yuku today. In fact, I've received a series of messages from him this afternoon. Here is a sampling of these badly written hate notes. This was the first message that came for no apparent reason whatsoever:

"Why I don't like you and you went out of your way to discredit everything I've done. I would find humor in someone vandalizing your care. I would never read your work even if someone was to pay me $100. I would rather see you go broke Garton. I've sold my work to a few legitimate small press mags and you still say I got negative talent, FUCK YOU."

I don't have a clue what the hell he's talking about. As usual. Here are some of his greatest hits from the other messages:

"I would rather do one thing to your books :light match and toss on manuscripts.: Fucker. I got the talent to get published on Specficworld.com asshole. I hope you die from what ever you got because I will piss on your grave."

"You would rather pirate the damn crap bitch. What kind of example are you providing to your daughters by bullying around a writer who sold to semi-pro. My newer works are by far better than anything you wrote with your third degree burned hands mother fucker. Let me ask this much -- did you think people burning my books were funny, if you did then you're a fucking nazi."

Frankly, I had no idea anyone was burning Nicky's ramblings. I say more power to them. And still more:

"You know you pissed on my name one too many times bitch. What if someone was to give your daughter a copy of House of Spiders 3 or Tabloid Purposes IV and they liked the book including the story Passenger? What would you do if your daughters were fans of Nickolaus Pacione. They asked you to buy them books of mine would you? or would you go as far to fuck my sales over?"

By the way, I have no daughters, no children at all. Apparently Nicky enjoys dragging even *non-existent* children into his battles. And more:

"Fuck off you book burning sack of shit. I hope you get AIDS yet. My work doesn't suck you bastard, just doesn't use sex to get a crowd. you will never last in this business because you CAN'T write without sex."

"You better hope I don't meet you in person for that remark. I will personally beat your ass. Your career for mine. I beat your ass you will stop with the slandering of my work. If you beat mine I will not crossover into film making."

"Beating you up will be more than a pleasure. Who knows it would be good publicity for me."

"So you're willing to stifle every credit I have to get there. You don't deserve the grand master thing asshole, you get paid for beating off fan fiction of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I got published on my terms and working my way up the ladder. Anne Rice actually gave me her full blessing with my own works. You're going to diss me when she actually gave me her blessing with Tabloid Purposes IV? Your career is going up in smoke with this man. I know enough just don't care to write about it.
I know my craft well enough Garton to realize not to be an asshole like you. Stifle me -- watch you fall like the rest. You're going to be a casuality."

God, I'd LOVE to stifle him -- if only I knew how! And more:

"You use your money to stifle an author who is well on his way to get up there, and knowing that you go around smoking your crack and snorting your coke, and a few fucks on the side to cheat on your wife. The way you act around me it's like I just got done fucking your wife."

So, now I'm spending all my money to end Nicky's sparkling career. HA!

"You deserve every abusive comment goddamned fat fuck. At least I get paid for not masterbating on Buffy The Vampire Slayer."

"Fuck off loser. You're going to make it worst for you to get readers in Chicago."

Ah, yes, we must all tremble at Nicky's enormous influence in the city of Chicago. Yeah, right.

I went searching for Nicky on the Internet to see if he'd posted anything slanderous about me anywhere, and I found this wonderful site. Whoever's responsible for it, thank you. I thought you'd enjoy these messages from Little Nicky.

Ray Garton

therustynail said...

I just had to swipe Mr. Garton's comments for The Rusty Nail, ETT. As always, I credited you, and the author of the remarks.

ExposeTheTard said...

That is fine with me Rusty. Just know that since we both reposted that, he is going to go back to thinking we are the same person again!

I should have asked Mr. Garton actually before I posted. Ray if you have a problem with me reposting that let me know I will remove it no problem.

therustynail said...

Ditto, Mr. Garton.

ExposeTheTard said...

It's important for people who get those disgusting private messages from him to make them public. Right now he is going around trying to look like a victim, like the girl who killed herself over myspace, just to sell his piece of shit Eye in Shadows that everyone has already read anyway.

RayGarton said...

I have no problem with the reposts, guys -- repost away! I'm happy to help get the word out about this abusive, potentially violent nutburger. I reported him to Yuku, but apparently I didn't do it correctly, so I have to do it again. I've never even USED Yuku until today, when I got these messages from Little Nicky.

Take care, guys.

Sabledrake said...

He sent me this one a while back by way of PM thru Shocklines:

From: NickolausPacione
To: Sabledrake
On: 05/08/08 02:37 AM
Subject: if you're going to discredit everything I've done as a small press and paying marketed author, then
then you're a cunt and get the fuck out of this business right now. That would be one less author in this business I have to deal with. In other words FUCK YOU.

I told him he didn't have to deal with me NOW, and that pretty much seemed to be that. Except for the occasional potshot wherein he thinks I'll actually be insulted by him calling me a fanfic writer.

Anonymous said...

Sabledrake, as pointed out elsewhere, the way he "competes", if you even want to call it that, is simply to try and knock out his competition through fear tactics. He doesn't seem to realize he can't write his way out of a wet paper bag and he's not even up to the skills of a fanfic writer. Also, he's about as scary as Tickle Me Elmo.

cussedness said...

It has been a long time since he sent me a PM or email.

I don't know whether to feel fortunate or neglected.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

You're nothing but a 9/11 Terrorist or the same kind of asshoel who've pulled an OK City bombing the first chance you'd get.

cussedness said...

And you're a little weiner boy with a botched circumcision.

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