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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"my chances to get a wider audience as a writer; might of doubled if I had a college degree."

From the great Ray Garton, who once again has been contacted by the world's shortest plagiarizer, Nicky.

Once again, Little Nicky has put his stubby little thumb-like fingers to the keyboard to send me two more missives:
"Screw you Garton. Mark my words -- I will fuck your world up. don't ever get in the way of my anthologies otherwise I will kick your ass. This is war Garton. Telling people NOT to submit to my anthology. I don't give a flying fuck for your damn career. I am not pretending to be a writer, I am a writer. Either if you like it or not. My name is getting published with my work. Fucking asshole, I am at college level dickhead. I don't need to write a stripper hack vampire story to get noticed. You slander me -- it is not police matter or a court matter. I will handle it myself mano e mano."
"I am a college educated bastard mother fucker.

ETT note: Let's stop there for a sec.

from here
  • I need to go back to school though in the worst fucking way. I am turning 25 in August
from here
  • No one expected the quiet special education student to become one of the most notorious horror writers on the web
  • Who never thought that the nerd in the Special Education classes was a horror force of nature.
  • but I will say this of the guidence worker at the time who was working there at the time I was a Senior – she made a huge mistake saying that I shouldn’t take the ACT/SATs. Personally, I wished she let me go on and take the test because my options would have been a lot more varied and my chances to get a wider audience as a writer; might of doubled if I had a college degree.
  • The class of 1994, a good question of how many horror writers and editors were from this graduation class but I can say this much I noticed more of them when I go online. It was when I enlisted into the NAVY but the career was shortlived because of my learning disability which I learned about a year later.

If we look at his personals, here
  • Level of Education: Some college
OK back to the rant Nicky sent Ray

"All your books are not even being pushed in Joliet, they are collecting dust somewhere. "

ETT note: Nicky's books aren't collecting dust, they are being used for far better things

"The only reason you became a grand marshall at the World Horror Convention is because Darren McKeeman couldn't find anyone else at short notice, I am willing to bet one of my short stories getting published in a larger mag against the fact you're fucking him in his ass to get the deal (since you're both from that area.)"
I'm not sure what the marital status of Little Nicky's parents has to do with his imaginary college education ... but then, he never makes sense. I strongly suspect that if Little Nicky has seen the inside of a college at ALL, it was only the men's room, most likely the far stall where he probably gave in to his deeply repressed, heatedly denied homosexual urges by trying to get a peek at some fratboy wee-wee.

Your Grand Marshall,
Ray Garton

Thank you again Ray for helping to expose him for the psychopath he is. Recently he has realized that his private threats will not remain private, and that while he may have decided to pretend he is a victim ala the "Myspace Mom", he is in fact the very monster he claims to be the victim of.

And speaking of exposing him for who he really is...


Anonymous said...

*gasp* You mean hanging out in the halls of a community college for two weeks or so doesn't mean you have a college level education?!

Anonymous said...

I think that hypocrite video shut him up and forced him to go back into hiding until he thinks we've forgotten it. See you in 3 months Nicky!

Anonymous said...

Nope. He was poking around Rusty around lunch hour today. It's the first I've seen of him since last weekend.

I'm just waiting for Nicky to complain that Ray is violating his copyrights by choosing to post these messages publicly on our blogs.

Anonymous said...

did he leave a comment or just lurk? I'm sure he'll lurk but won't post for about a month.

Anonymous said...

He was just lurking for the first time in several days. I was beginning to wonder what happened to him.

IamGuyMontag said...

He left me a love note about an hour ago. He is still crying like a baby that I burned his little wannabe book.

RayGarton said...

Three more messages from the Deluded One today:

"Fuck off loser -- what do you have against me gaining legit readers, my work is on newstands and published. Get used to it."

In my reply, I informed Nicky that I had nothing against him "gaining legit readers" -- it's just that I knew that was impossible given the poor quality of his work. I also suggested that those newsstands existed only in his mind.

I have absolutely no idea what the first line of today's second message means:

"Dude I will may no mind to break few of your limbs for that remark. I have utterly no respect for you and your career. Leave my career alone and I will leave you alone. I made my money with short story sales here and there, leave my publishers alone and I will leave you alone."

His claim that he'll leave me alone if I leave him alone is, of course, not true, because I'd had nothing to do with him for years when he suddenly popped up and bgean attacking me again. I replied that not only was I leaving his career alone, his career didn't really EXIST. I also pointed out that he does not have publishers, he has PRINTERS -- there's a difference. He responded with his usual threat of violence:

"Like it or not -- I am going to just flat out kick your ass."

I hope you don't mind that I post these here. I just think it's important to make a record of his threats (Yuku seems uninterested), and I know it annoys him when his notes are posted online.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why he thinks a college degree would garner him more readers.

MySexyBoyfriend said...

I didn't want to do it since it is such a serious and very sad subject, but since Nicky is choosing to latch onto it to make himself look like a vicitm, I chose this site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VG_WETCZqM to use my Hypocrite video to reply to. People are going to see what he says and the video that HE used to respond to that and think he is a victim, which is why I made what I made.

Susan said...

You know what I find the funniest part of that first line? His confusion with "MIGHT OF" and "MIGHT HAVE."

He really should of gone to college.

Phil Smith said...

"my chances to get a wider audience as a writer; might of doubled if I had a college degree."

1/100000000000000000 * 2 = 1/50000000000000000

cussedness said...

good one

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