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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"I had a few saying I look like a really young Tony Iommi"

Someone in the comments section of the last post (after looking at Nicky's gangster "thug" picture) noted: "The stern expression, the well-trimmed facial hair, and the sunglasses give an Eric Bloom look."

That reminded me of something he said seven years ago and while it really fits nothing other than that, I for some reason have to share this. It involves someone telling him he looked like a young someone else.

20 Dec 2001|04:20pm
::just got home::
mood drained
music Amorphis -- Cares

I had just got in the door and very exhausted, I got the christmas shopping done for my cousins then I went and got something forAngel. I know she is not able to make up this year for Christmas for a new job -- my cousin who is on here is not going to be getting married this week and her mother is in town (I severed my ties to her mother though I used to be very close to her. Some of her choices caused me to grow apart from her, that is a long story -- those who know me from other places would understand why and they know I have a lot of convictions about it.) But never the less, I am home and getting caught up with my email before I would crawl beneath the shrouds for the day. I was going to post up in the xanga blog but right now I am just too tired to really do anything -- I was walking all day on Tuesday and stayed up long enough to go to Nocturna. (Some of you who would see a dude with the Writings From The Grave hoodie and got her to play Iommi.) Those of you who go to Nocturna and all of the sudden hear some Diamond Head -- that would be the Christmas present I got her. This would have the original version of "Am I Evil" on there. I was tempted to introduce Amorphis -- I am not sure of many there to could actually get into something that heavy. I had a few saying I look like a really young Tony Iommi, I find it amusing and a compliment because Iommi is a genuis. I think that was the first time she actually played something which roots directly to the one who started the entire dark subculture.

You decide.


Anonymous said...

I know she is not able to make up this year for Christmas for a new job

Huh? She can't afford Christmas makeup? She can't afford to make up for last year's Christmas? Her new job wants her to make up Christmas? What?

my cousin who is on here is not going to be getting married this week

So, will she be marrying next week? The week after? Is she waiting for you to scrape up the cash for a decent wedding gift? Is her lesbian mom infringing on your rights as an Italian-American citizen to sell enough non-existent anthologies to get her a pressed glass butter dish?

I suspect Tony Iommi would wet his leather pants reading this. (Not that I know the man personally, but the thought remains.)

Anonymous said...

Okay. Shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, and maybe a little natural curl and I'd say you are half way there.

Anonymous said...

I think he looks more like Charles Manson.

Phil Smith said...

Hmm. Tricky. Perhaps Nick could get a job in a steelworks, operate a machine incorrectly and lop the ends of his fingers off? Then maybe we can try to tell the difference...

Anonymous said...

He has been awfully quiet recently. He gets that way after he has had his ass repeatedly handed to him. I'm sure he is busy submitting his shit out there and the second he gets accepted to something he'll come back to brag and harass, and we'll be here to send him back to hell again, if only temporarily.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know how to grab video that has been uploaded via blogger?

Anonymous said...

Right-click and view source code on Nicky's entry with the video. It's pretty far down in the source code, but look for where it says "blog _video_class." But it embedded fine on my Blogger.

ExposeTheTard said...

I see it, yet no definitive line of code I can use to extract the video and download it to my hard drive.

If blogspot=blogger=google=youtube I should be able to "catch" that video like one can on youtube, right?

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