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Thursday, May 8, 2008

You Aren't Learning

More innocents? They just happen to be women?

For your attack on yet another female author, an epic picture.

It's like many in his collection, and yet, completely different.

I give you: Facial hair-less Nicky Sleeping In A Hammock!


Anonymous said...

Oh, so that's his 'shroud'. Huh.

If he's so gothydark and vampirerific, why isn't his face burning up in the sunlight?

Anonymous said...

I have a theory. I think that he leans toward these pictures of himself sleeping for a rather morbid reason.

I honestly think that he wonders to himself what he'd look like if he were dead.

cussedness said...

you beat me to it, Anonymous. I was going to say the same thing.

therustynail said...

"Look ma no merkin." *spews coffee out nostrils*

Anonymous said...


He just discovered the latest book burning video. He went through and left the other book burners nasty messages then logged off. Actually I don't think he logged off I think he threw a tantrum and probably broke some part of his computer.

Anonymous said...

Nicky Sex:


Anonymous said...

actually nicky appears to be taking the latest book burning rather well. i mean he called the newest reviewer a fucking asshole and wished death on the person who gave advice to the new one, but other than that he hasnt made a vlog or blog about it. maybe he has come to grips with the fact his books are so bad people have to burn them. maybe he finally accepts that people across the nation burning his books for fun is a part of life now and he has to deal with that.

Anonymous said...

I think if he doesn't like seeing his books burned, he should stop burning them.

And I think that if he doesn't want to see the genre killed, he should stop writing.

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