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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happier Days

Aw. Nicky didn't just get kicked off of livejournal, again, and lose his precious goth community, his alts that he tried to sneak back on with, again, were also banned.

Let's go back to a happier time when he first got control of a group of people he'd later admit he had no business hanging out with. I'm talking about goths btw have to be specific since he really doesn't belong with any group of people. Or animals.

Friday, June 14th, 2002 11:52 pm
I am hoping I am not doing too much online because of the big undertaking -- one thing is this now, every move I make on livejournal is going to be watched so to speak especially since I became the janitor of sorts. It is going to be a challenge in the sense that I hope I don't end up with a mental block. But I have a feeling that me getting out next week will do me some good, I might go to nocturna next week but go to Jackhammer's within the week because I want to meet up with my former girlfriend from 1989-92. It is something I am looking forward to doing -- seeing her after all this time. I will be posting some on xanga too in time -- I will have some of my pictures there from time to time. I have a few new pictures that I had been playing around with with this camera. (lost the browser that I was trying to upload the picture on, so there goes neoplanet. I am surprised that I am able to keep this one open that I am writing this entry on.) But there are a lot of things on my mind and what I write here is not long enough to make a two page entry out of it -- though I will try to bring that into the xanga blog if I am inspired. I was looking over that and I will be doing the post about the aquiring of the goth community -- I still cannot get over the fact that I was the one who was picked to do it. Truely there will be the critics who are protesting the idea but for them to have that "holy shit" look in their eye -- I am not going to mention names when I say this but there are people here who know who I am talking about when I say that. I remember a certain person who told me not to change no matter what the naysayers say -- then when I emailed that person saying they should follow their own advice, they got pissed off because I called them on their hypocrisy. Someone who gives advice like that should follow on their own advice than become a hypocrite. Well on that note -- I had been keeping busy.


Anonymous said...

Someone who gives advice like that should follow on their own advice than become a hypocrite.

Oh, the irony . . .

Anonymous said...

Happier days? Well, Okay. But I'm thinking Southpark. Yeah. Him losing an account at LJ is sort of like Kenny getting killed.

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