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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Brokeback Nicky

Kick his ass more often!

The point of this game is to kick him past the little red flag. When he lands past the flag, you earn an extra kick. This continues until you can't get the tard past the flag which progressively moves farther each time.

Can you beat


therustynail said...

Whee. Another one. You rock, ETT!

ExposeTheTard said...

Thank you!

This is my favorite. I played it a lot yesterday more so than the other.

Another game will coincide with another entry I have in queue for when he breaks the rule again. Basically the game and the entry are of the same theme and I am sure, I am positive, that the next game will infuriate him to no end.

That's unless he decides not to break the rule again, then I won't have to post it!

Jodi Lee said...

I made it to the second kick. Thanks for the stress relief, ETT!

therustynail said...

I'm up to 210. This is a bit harder than it looks. There's the kick trajectory and the kick power to consider.

ExposeTheTard said...

Trajectory is the key. There is a range that you need to stay in and of course kick him at full power.

Hint: If you think trajectory is the key, you are "half right". ;)

Anonymous said...

Kicked him 14 times for a total of 4.377 km. :) Could have made it to 5km I think except I twitched wrong for angle on the last shot.

therustynail said...

Where I suck is getting the click timing just right to get maximum kick power. The angle is best in the mid-30s to low 40s. My best so far is a measly 1400-something. I'll get it right for seven or eight kicks, then screw up on when I click for the power.

Now we all know why I suck at video and computer games.

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