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Sunday, May 25, 2008

"You burned a book with an African American author in it, and you what that means -- I can report you to the AACP."

Seems our favorite little psychopathic plagiarizer is on the ropes and now wants to hide behind the civil rights movement to shield him from the shitstorm he has brought on himself.

And of course in typical Nicky fashion, he makes a complete hypocrite of himself in the process.

Anonymous said...
"Hi ETT. I have been reading your site ever since my friend told me about his "batshit crazy buddy" and I did a search for him on the net. He told me another friend of his burned one of Nick's books because they saw it online and though it was funny. I knew a mutual friend of ours that had some of his books and asked if they had any they'd part with, turns out they did and had already given one to the mutual friend to burn so I got that Tabloid Purposes and burned it.

Anyway, Nick is pissed as you can see, and he has been leaving me some hilarious messages.

here's a suggestion:

here's a suggestion take a rainbow flag and wrap it arouind your ass then light the fucking thing on fire.

So he thought I was gay and told me to wrap myself in the gay flag and burn it, because he hates homos.Here is the next one.

Re: Re: here's a suggestion

You are all behind the book burnings of my books but I got the royality for the gazette either way so you think that will hurt me -- I already got the money. You wasted $11 on a book and if you didn't like the book why did you go around buying the book? Setting fire to it on a public level as that, just to prove a point.

I am a legit publisher and now a legit editor. You're going around stifling the authors in the magazine why because you have a hatred for me. You burned a book with an African American author in it, and you what that means -- I can report you to the AACP.

Might as well wrap a sin flag around youself and light that on fire. I am thinking they all point back to you and some of your friends because one of your friends bought six copies of a book, and now I know why you're doing it just to see if you can get me to close my company well it isn't happening.

You asshols go around impersonating me and trying to mislead people about my company by creating a fake version of LAKE FOSSIL PRESS.

You can eat shit and kill yourself.

So now he is telling me one of the people in the book I burned was black, therefore he is going to get the "AACP" on me. I alway thought it was the NAACP. I like how he calls me a bigot then bashes gays again.

Here is the last one:

Re: here's a suggestion Re: Re:here's a suggestion

asshole, my suggestion still stands take a gasoline soaked rainbow flag wrap it around your ass and light it on fire. An African American author is featured in issue five and an african american author did the introduction for Tabloid Purposes IV. I know the book burners are all one person creating more than one account.

Piss on you mother fucker. What you assholes are doing is a fucking hate crime no matter how you're looking at it. Tabloid Purposes is a real anthology no matter how one looks at it. When you light that rainbow flag on your ass be sure to load that up on youtube.com for the whole world to see.

So he says it again yet makes another biggoted remark towards gays.

I am not any of those other burners and I don't know anything about that Lake Fossil account he accused me of making I just think it's funny he says I am commiting a hate crime while he is obviously prejiduced against gays.

You can call me GuyMontag. IamGuyMontag.
May 25, 2008 2:07 PM"

I have to say that even after almost a decade he even amazes me once in a while. I always think he has hit rock bottom and he always shows me he can drop lower than that.


Anonymous said...


Nickolaus Pacione said...

Get Bent!

Mike Brendan said...

Hear that? It's the warbling of the Illinois Wahwah bird!

Anonymous said...

He means bend over.

Anonymous said...

I thought Nicky was the catcher.

RayGarton said...

Once again, Little Nicky has put his stubby little thumb-like fingers to the keyboard to send me two more missives:

"Screw you Garton. Mark my words -- I will fuck your world up. don't ever get in the way of my anthologies otherwise I will kick your ass. This is war Garton. Telling people NOT to submit to my anthology. I don't give a flying fuck for your damn career. I am not pretending to be a writer, I am a writer. Either if you like it or not. My name is getting published with my work. Fucking asshole, I am at college level dickhead. I don't need to write a stripper hack vampire story to get noticed. You slander me -- it is not police matter or a court matter. I will handle it myself mano e mano."

"I am a college educated bastard mother fucker. All your books are not even being pushed in Joliet, they are collecting dust somewhere. The only reason you became a grand marshall at the World Horror Convention is because Darren McKeeman couldn't find anyone else at short notice, I am willing to bet one of my short stories getting published in a larger mag against the fact you're fucking him in his ass to get the deal (since you're both from that area.)"

I'm not sure what the marital status of Little Nicky's parents has to do with his imaginary college education ... but then, he never makes sense. I strongly suspect that if Little Nicky has seen the inside of a college at ALL, it was only the men's room, most likely the far stall where he probably gave in to his deeply repressed, heatedly denied homosexual urges by trying to get a peek at some fratboy wee-wee.

Your Grand Marshall,
Ray Garton

therustynail said...

I got a similar comment at Rusty. Little Nicky's outdoing himself.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he got the NAACP confused with AARP in his greasy little head. It'd be a typical lolarious malathoughtism if he did.

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