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Monday, May 12, 2008

"Why livejournal can lick my sack?"

My guess would be that someone, anyone licking his sack is better than no one, which is sadly the case with Nicky. Anyway, we go back to May of 2001 to see him ranting about those that post on livejournal.

Note to members of the goth community there: Nicky thinks your too "clique-ish".
Monday, May 14, 2001
Why livejournal can lick my sack? Though I met a few cool people on there and I have them linked back on my website in the influences area, one of the ones that had blown my mind away would be one I had learned to be a darksites mate. She knows who she is and she can take a bow, I have two others from livejournal linked and those are the exception of livejournal. But the people that I would have to say where livejournal can lick my sack is the fact that many of them are too clique-ish -- they like to steal from other people, and give the writing community a bad name. It is the march of the mother fuckheads on there, and the biggest fuckhead of them all buying into and it is the owner of livejournal. I am on the verge of getting kicked off of there but if someone asked if I gave a shit -- my writings on there don't count for me, that would just be where I post my updates for the three sites, Writings From The Grave, Shadowed Thoughts, or Of A Darkend Soul. The Haunted Observations, well if people are on xanga -- they would know when I have that one done. But why livejournal can lick my sack is because they don't take writers seriously there; and when the actual writers are there -- the cliques try to fucking stomp all over their forehead and steal the written work. It is the ones who put all their work into livejournal and claiming it as a website when the rest of us (holla out who worked on websites for many years and those who use their sites to house their writings.) And for them thinking that I am below you -- kiss my ass and lick my sack. I guess he is a sorry excuse for a faggot and I do say faggot. Some one might take offense to this one but I have to say someone to be called that brought it on themselves here. So this is for those who have the actual sites -- keep up the good work, and if the ones cannot take the heat then get the motherfuck out of the kitchen because I would be one who is an equal oppertunity disser. I am not a racist, just someone who is very opinionated. I guess that they have worms crawling out of their ass right now, but that is what happens when their head is rammed up it so far. Where is their head today? I guess they have been walking around with their heads in their ass. So Brad if you are reading this, you know where you can shove livejournal -- and quit trying to look like the bomber of Oklahoma City. So that is why livejournal can lick my sack and all the griping babies like AngelDestiny who has an obsession with trying to get my ass kicked out of livejournal. All I have to say is that all of the crybabies are below me; and quit thinking that I am a second class citizen. I am better than that.
No, you're not.

But wait, there's more! More reasons livejournal can lick his sack!

Tuesday, May 15, 2001
Another reason why livejournal can lick my sack -- some of the paid members had made it their mission to make me denounce my writings. This fucker that is trying called himself cuddles. (what kind of name is that?) Each time that they try to make a victim out me on livejournal, I make fun of them on xanga. (xanga vs. livejournal, Round 2.) Look at the little fuck in the picture -- they say I am not a writer, yeah right. Livejournal cheapens their talent as a writer, and they are too dumb to realize it -- but don't get me wrong though, there are some talented writers on here and I met a few of them already. Their talent shows up in other weblogs. They're below me, and they can flame me all they want but I am just laughing at them. If Tom Green can fuck dead animals and rub his ass on things -- "my ass is on your lips, my ass is on your lips -- maybe if you're lucky that you can give it a big kiss." I flame livejournal idiots on xanga and Hilderbee and Cudles are in the idiot box right now. They cannot take the heat so they call the livejournal police on my ass, Brad, you can lick my sack because I am going to some fun with you on here at your expense -- bunch of a dead moose humpers, or dare I say it; one of the three taboo words and the one that I use is almost illegal to use in San Fransisco unless it is used in endearment (but it is used in Chicago and Detroit so loosely it is funnier than hell -- they call me a homophobic -- openly homophobic, ahh they must be heterphobic. I have no problems with them but as long as they don't make a pass at me because I find it sick when another man elopes with another man. Eminem if you are -- this is where we have many things in common. You know that you are not a woman hater, your an artist and expressing yourself with contraversal subject matter shows that you're making people think.)
And of course, Nicky didn't like that Brad was making money. Everyone makes money but him so what is the difference?

Tuesday, June 05, 2001
Well I got a few hate mails for my website, and they are dissing my livejournal -- that would not matter to me because that don't count. but those who think that livejournal is their website -- I am just sitting here right now because that loser Brad is getting rich off of them as I speak. They need som content other than bitching about a writer who they call second rate -- yeah right.


cussedness said...

I am expecting another backlash from Nicky because of the action taken against him recently by LJ

Anonymous said...

The folks from the LJ abuse team have been visiting my WordPress blog this morning. If the tard tried to report my WordPress blog to LJ Abuse, I'll bet they got an eyeful when they read my most recent entry.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nicky used a question mark! He used it incorrectly, but he used it.

Anonymous said...

hey ETT? Anyone else getting something about a script running when visiting Nicky's blogspot site? Is he trying to load teh virus on us again?

Anonymous said...

For someone who is against homosexuality Nicky sure wants other men to lick his sack.

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