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Monday, May 5, 2008

"I have been featured June 2001 Goth Boi of the Month"

Thank you anonymous tipster for pointing out that Nicky went after numerous innocents, so there will be numerous posts over here. I know I promised you another game, and you'll get it, but I think you'll like this entry

Not only will you learn that Nicky once won an award for his gothiness, he informs us how his ego was crushed by his ex and baby mama by a vicious joke. I don't remember the joke specifically but I think she pretended to be lesbian and told him that he made her that way, which most people would have laughed at but here you folks get a glimpse at the unprotected side of Nicky and learn another one of his weaknesses.

Friday, June 1st, 2001
9:44 pm
hello ladies,,,,
This is something an honor and for all of the heterosexual women out there who are wanting to have a look at this this one -- Angel would appreciate this one if your reading, I have been featured June 2001 Goth Boi of the Month, and all the heterosexual ladies you can drool all you want, no gay or bisexual men emailing me please unless you want a smart hard nosed response as I rather kill myself than (open mouth insert foot),,, type remark, those from firefly can fill in the rest because I don't swing that way though my ex, Melany played a vicious and ego damaging joke on me. It was damaging because one of my aunt's left my uncle for a woman -- it wasn't his fault, and the sad thing about it was that they were married for 20 years and my cousin who is on here now had to go through this. It got to me as well because I was close to both of them. My uncle is single again and is trying to find a nice woman -- if any of you have single divorced mothers in their mid to late 40s, send me a private email because I would give you my uncles email address. My ego was shot down like that because I was a woman's cover up boyfriend because she was hiding the fact she was bisexual from her parents, she left me for a woman when I was nothing but nice to her. I had a few oppertunities to hook up with her older sister but that would of been hard on me at the time because she has a two year old son. As my best friend would tell me women like that are looking for men to be their kid's dad. I can understand the whole stepfather thing and my mom's shock about my homophobia (which I am a proud heterosexual -- and why don't straight people have a flag?) That is something that I had to ask. I am going to admit that I am insulted when someone of my own sex makes a pass at me -- and DreamDisturber be another who would be quoting me on this one. No trangendered either responding to the ad. I know that I am coming out as an asshole or a mother fucker, but that is something that is tested of me and this is the way I am. Honesty is my only excuse, and anyone who want to talk to me in private who like to use the San fran taboo in phasing their jokes can do so.

Sorry folks the website that hosted Nicky's Goth Boi of the Month no longer exists.

So it's a good thing I saved it then, isn't it?
This is the exact layout from words to picture, everything has been reposted as it was seven years ago.

June 2001 Hot Goth Boi

Nickolaus Pacione

Nick's Website: Writings From The Grave

  • Nick's Bio (In his own words): For those of you are curious about me, this is something that would get of me in my own words. I am a horror writer and have some of my work on a the website posted above so take a look around -- I have a webdiary at d-land which I use as a nightmare and travel journal; and one through Xanga for observations of haunted places. This one is for those who think that my work goes over their head. As a horror writer, I am driven by urban reality, urban myth and my own disturbing nightares. This place would become my notes and place where I use for my research. I keep a company ranging from Baptists, Pentacostals, Witches, and psychics. If one would like a portrait within the written word -- I do have a place where I write of my own dark insights. One would ask what horror tradition I take after when it comes to the gothic -- it would not be Anne Rice. My roots are Robert Bloch and T. Casey Brennan because they are both from the Midwest. I am drawn to the unknown like a magnet. I grew up watching Ripley's Believe It .... Or Not? and Into the Bizarre. I am one who would be spending time in the outdoors if the oppurtunity allows, and I try to keep well read as well as being well travelled. It is something that helps me keep young as well as prolific -- often looking for places which are haunted. I will correspond with anyone but if you are from the Midwest -- especially if one writes within the genres of horror, occult, and the supernatural. If anyone wonders who I write like -- similar to Clive Barker without the sex written into it but hold nothing back with the macabre. (How sick can one get.) My taste for ghost stories came about when I was with the boy scouts.


Valyn said...

Hmm, don't you find it funny that he was PROUD to be called "boi"?? That's what most of my gay friends call each other. ;-)

He goes on and on like an idiot about "heterosexual" women, and not wanting men to hit on him. I am pretty damn sure he doesn't have to worry about either sex hitting on him. He's nasty and greasy. Eww. Just. Ewwwwww

Anonymous said...

Funny how he has, or had, a bazillion journals, ostensibly each for a different purpose, yet they almost always degenerate into rants at various individuals.

Valyn said...

Funny how he has, or had, a bazillion journals, ostensibly each for a different purpose, yet they almost always degenerate into rants at various individuals.

Amen, Rusty.

cussedness said...

I learned a lot from Nicky. He's the reason I have so many blogs.

But I'm going to get the addresses of all of them up on my website eventually.

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