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Friday, May 16, 2008

"I have gone evil"

Here is part two of the "goth" expounding about how dark and gothy Illinois is, and how he is it's official "scribe". That's emo for "I am obsessed with murders and crimes and try my damndest to relate all of them to myself".

That as one would be reading this that I wrote would say that I have gone evil, but what I write has some truth to it. When I wrote Marynoll Nightmares, I had the place called the Marynoll Seminary in mind when I wrote it since it has a haunted history to it. I had been one of a dark historian since Glen Ellyn in strongly influenced by Wheaton College. I often sought refuge in Naperville since I was surrounded with kindred spirits. Though the river walk had been my stomping grounds through out the summer of 1997 -- I had much felt alone though I was among my peers because many of them are role-players in the Masquarade. I am one of the very few that don't role play and much of my darkness is expressed in my writing, artwork, and photography. Thoughts that are concieved in the eyes of philosophy are what I would often ponder on such as what does make the center hold.

When one would visit Naperville and Joliet, The thoughts that would be inside of their mind as they are mesmorized by the old Gregorian structures and Victorian Gothic designs. One can only see inside of the thoughts that would remain -- knowing that a mother murdered her own children in one of the houses in Naperville, and in Joliet, a woman -- who was a nurse had been strangled and the house burned to hide the remains of the bizarre homicide. I can only look on and be the scribe that would record the nightmares that would be there from when time began. I am not the brother's keeper, nor I am the one who had committed the original murder but one that had only read and penned of such things using the words written from my troubled imagination.

As you venture around Joliet, you would hear stories about the Rialto Theature being haunted but one would not know how true the stories are. According to the patrons, one had said that the paintings would look at them with evil eyes.

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