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Monday, May 12, 2008

"more as a fuck you to Brad; the owner of livejournal."

He didn't just hate livejournal, he hated Brad the guy who supposedly started/ran it. Calling the owner of livejournal a "faggot" can't help his cause if he tries to get his journal back.

Tuesday, June 05, 2001
I was reading Insominia's livejournal, and have to post a rant about one to the topics there that wanted me to do this thing to begin with. This would have to start in the discussion board; that would be where the faggot Brad Fritz plays favorites (remember the rant about why livejournal can lick my sack and brain damage; this is the example about more brain damage.) And what Mark writes about these fucks are that they should cry a river to Rikki Lake, and in part I would have to agree with him -- then he says that they should go to diaryland; well I have to speak up on the behalf of the d-land users here, some of them are aol users -- but many of them have websites where they can load there pictures to and use them from there. There people with brain damage everywhere and I have to say that is an example of when I had host Shadow of Darkness. (Never let a man who is running on empty with sleep, rant and rave about something that he is all-to-familar with because of the-holier-than-thou-messeger-of-dog. I am cynical yes -- walked away because of cynicism. That not everyone in Christianity say they can have all the answers not even the bible has all the answers -- I don't either, I am just opening the door; one has to walk through it and take the blue pill. Sometimes I would get the Southern Baptist saying that I cannot be gothic and be a Christian -- so I asked him that how can he be conservative and be an asshole?)

We'll go back farther than this in future posts since he has earned a number of entries over here, and in doing so I'll show that the very reason he joined other blogs was to get away from and bitch at the owner of livejournal and just about everyone on it. But let's go a few months ahead after called Brad a faggot and see just how deep seeded his hatred for him and livejournal is.

Those of you who are reading this blog, I have done some new updates to Writings From The Grave -- been trying to do a mirror site and now that is the site that I am going to add more stories too, though I would be posting up more to the site, but the one that I have been doing a make over, which I have been doing some graphic changes to make it all part of one site now and made an announcement board. I also got a journal through deadjournal, well I had this thing since april but thought I would bring it back to life -- more as a fuck you to Brad; the owner of livejournal. The guys at deadjournal are great though they are not taking anymore applicants for new journals if they were I would be sending people there if they want a journal that is like livejournal, but I am also going to be sending them over to xanga as well as diaryland and diary-x. I have new writings on both journals there as well as a story on Writings From The Grave titled Weariness -- A Parable. I was taking cues from Trench's "If I Knew" and imagry which revisits the story Room For One More. (Yes I am a big fan of Anthrax and was listening the track when I wrote this one a year ago in August.) This one is one of the scarier stories that I had written about religion. I have been just getting darker each time that I write as far as being creative. I had posted "Another Jerk Off (Born Again Fuck Off)" here because it was one of the most contraversial poems I have ever written but it was something that needed to be written though. I was never for making people mentally comfortable when I write -- if I did that then I would of went soft. As well as doing the deadjournal I was doing a site which incorperated my livejournal; this being in form of the homepage I have at about.com.
I also have a colaboration in the works with another writer/ghost hunter from Waukegan, Illinois. I had got an email from him saying that he had read my journal, The Haunted Observations, and he was intrigued on working with me on finding that haunted campground in Lake County. I am just trying to find where it is first before I take up on the offer of working with him; which it would be during I am at JournalCon -- it is strange to meet another who is a ghost hunter in Illinois, I am trying to get a few female ghost hunters interested in finding this place so I would have something to go on when I start writing this peice. This is just a preparation before I post in my GothicPreacher blog.
The letter I got from him would be where I would post this. I am just trying to learn more about this person so I know who I am colaborating with. All of this would be since I had met that psychic artist in England when I was 14 years old. I had never thought that moment in my lifetime that I would be writing of that now. But still that was while I was in England; I will post more about my trip to england in another post when I could bring it all to the vivid memory.
More on this very very soon. :)

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