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Friday, May 16, 2008

Rusty Nail was not the only one to report you to livejournal I did too. Does this verify we are the same person? Absolutely not. In fact for a short time I wondered if me reporting you had anything to do with it, but I see now it was multiple people. Not that I suffer from your ego and think it was all about me, I only know what I did and I did report you too. You'd be doing yourself a great disservice by assuming we are the same person because it means you are giving up figuring out my true identity. Maybe if I had talked to Rusty Nail or others in private I'd have known I wasn't the only one, but I haven't, so this like the book burnings, is just an example of people from all walks of life having the same disdain for you on their own.

The truth of the matter is that for them to have done that, again, it probably required a number of people reporting you.

You yourself for the past decade have said numerous times that you hated livejournal. All one has to do is scroll down my blog to see that. And you yourself admitted to the goth community a month or so ago that you realized you didn't belong in their group.

If you truly care for that community, you should be happy for them. The top of their page is all about you and now that you are gone, it can be about them again. But you don't care about them, as you yourself said recently, and this is all about you.


Anonymous said...

The top of their page is all about you

So is the middle. And the bottom.

Anonymous said...

There were at least four people who reported Nicky to LJ Abuse. We each did it independently.

cussedness said...

After all these years of dealing with him, it has become second nature to most of us to flag his posts and report him.

I do it as a matter of routine.

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