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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Pacione

03-20-2010 10:42 PM - permalink
The Blood of ************ is on your hands because what your friends did to Lake Fossil Press in 2008. If you really want to hear what I'm about to say -- just read the damn memoir. You wanted me to tell my side -- I guess you're too forcefed the lies and in that you contributed to the book burnings by your actions.
Let me make this perfectly clear: She did not like you. I spoke with her before and after she was diagnosed. (I actually spoke to her before her test results came back, and in an attempt to comfort her I told her they would probably be fine...I was shocked at the news when they weren't) She was scared for her future regarding her health, but that wasn't all she was afraid of.

Do you know why she continued to submit stories to you? Because she was scared of you. She found out all about you after you received her first story, but after that she felt trapped.

She only continued to "work" with you after that because to her, it was easier than telling you she thought you were a psycho and a talentless hack. She figured if she passed on your offers and walked away you'd stalk her like you're known to do.

Nickolaus Pacione, the following is something you really need to know:


You are sick, but so are a lot of other people. You're a disgusting excuse for what should be a human being and you've used up the last drop of pity anyone could ever have for you. That's why you're own family is ready to kick your ass out.

You use the plight of others for your own personal gain. That includes
9/11 victims
  • The Jews who died in the Holocaust
  • WWII Vets and those who died in the war
  • African Americans
  • Those who have passed on
  • Those with disabilities
  • Those with mental disabilities
You are a weak and pathetic wimp who can't take any heat whatsoever, so if anyone tells you to get lost, the first thing Baby Pacione does is whine and say that if people disrespect him, they are disrespecting someone who passed on because her stories can be found in your wannabe books.

If someone burns your books, they are disrespecting the Jews, Blacks, again bringing up the poor soul who is no longer with us.

Worst part? You had only found out she passed on via a Shocklines thread. Remember? You posted your surprise at the news she was gone in that thread indicating you hadn't been in contact with her for a long time, which means you weren't even checking in on her to see how she was doing. That was probably better for her, since the last thing someone who is dying of cancer needs is you hanging around. And what did you do once you found out she passed on? You posted links to where people could buy books that featured her in them...YOUR books. You then updated a lot of your sites to mention that people could purchase some of the last writing of an author who passed on you sick little freak.
"I was trying to get her to join me for the first Gothicfest, but I had no idea that she was sick with cancer at the time." (pretending to care in this thread)
Seriously? That was the first time you found out she was sick? I had contacted her a few days before she got the news to warn her about you and she told me. I knew, and I didn't even know her as well as you did.

You are a walking "Wall of Shame" Nicky. When you pass on people are not only going to urinate on YOUR grave, they'll be doing so to extinguish the fire from your books burning above where your body rests. Overall though, when you die, you're enemies will actually show respect and compassion even though they didn't like you when you lived.

And that's why the people that you hate will always be better than you.

One last thing:
If you really want to hear what I'm about to say -- just read the damn memoir.
That's an excellent idea. If one of the hundreds of people who have a free, pirated .PDF copy of An Eye In Shadows and H****e's email address, they should send it to her so she can take his advice. After all, he didn't say she should buy it, only "read the damn memoir."


Anonymous said...

You go ETT!

Wasn't there another Barbara who stood up for him, but when she said she became sick with something Nicky didn't care but his enemies showed her compassion? What was her name?

Nicky obviously has zero empathy for anyone. People have also noticed with Chris Chan that he is the exact same way in that he doesn't care at all if someone dies or not no matter how close he was to them.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? Aspergers? Autism? What condition causes people to be born without empathy?

therustynail said...

I remember being slightly nauseated when he immediately tried to use Ms. Malenky's death to make a buck for himself. I knew she didn't like Nicky, but was under the impression that she sent him throwaway stories to get him off her back, not because she was afraid of being stalked by him. That sheds a new light on it for me, anyway.

ExposeTheTard said...

Rusty you and I are both right. You are right first and foremost.

The difference is she never told him how she felt about him or his views (or how he did things) because she saw what happened to those that did. She asked me flat-out once what I thought he'd do if she did. I downplayed it by telling her the truth, which was physically she was in no danger and even if he tried smearing her name on the net, consider the source. I also said there would be a number of people who would defend her if he went after her,l but that he probably wouldn't. She decided to do what she had been like you say and I certainly had no intention of changing her mind or interfering.

Basically, I said nothing bad would happen but her choice was understandable and no one thought less of her because of it. I certainly never prompted her to turn on him, I had just contacted her to ask her if she was ok and if she felt trapped with him. I had no intention of 'turning' her before and especially after.

What makes me misty-eyed to this day though, is an email I got from her once asking me if I really did care about her cancer.

Seems Nicky told her that the only reason any of us would be nice to her or show compassion was to get back at him, and we were only using her (nice guy, right?). I don't blame her for a second for asking, what makes me sad is that she could all the people she could talk to and support, and that she HAD to consider that even for a minute that option while going through what she was going through.

I'm not sure, but I think that came about because she told him that we weren't really bad people and we showed her nothing but kindness and respect. In other words, it was still all about him and his troubles over hers with the two of them. Yes, that was Macey you referenced, anonymous, and you are 100% correct with that as well.

Her throwaways were still great and certainly far superior to what he considered his best. I'm usually sad on this matter but right now, I'm fucking furious at him and my gloves are off.

ExposeTheTard said...

Also anonymous, I know what you are referring to with Chris Chan and how he also thinks only of himself when someone dies. I've wondered what you do about whether or not it's some preexisting mental condition that makes them selfish like that or what.

It appears to be a highly debated topic still, however if you read this http://www.scn.org/autistics/empathy.html it seems to answer that question yet Nicky (and Chris) don't just SHOW a lack of empathy, which is apparently understandable, but both have been seen using the deaths of others for their own personal gain. Chris does to get sympathy for himself, Nicky does as well but also tries to profit off of it.

To me, it's all about people using tragedies for their own gain which is what Nicky does and that's where his condition stops and his selfish evil inner self starts.

Jenny said...

I looked at that thread on Shocklines, and I didn't realize that Barbara had published so many stories. I'll have to try to find some of those.

Anonymous said...

He just grows more and more loathsome by the day. Is his family really ready to kick him out?

Melany said...

More and more he sickens me enough that I want to puke. I don't know what the hell I saw in this pathetic nothing that can't even be called a human being.

I've lost people I cared about that had cancer (one just last Saturday) and it's not a pretty way to die, and people that use it like he did make me want to kick their ass until they can't sit comfortably for the rest of their life.

ExposeTheTard said...

Melany I am sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time.

Anonymous: Yes he was almost booted about a week or so ago. It happened when he saw those books on lulu.com with his grandmother as the author. He went ballistic and they told him to settle down but he didn't, so they were going to kick him out.

He was trying to use that in his favor and tried to get his grandmother/family to go after his enemies again. It backfired on him though, and he was told to settle down or get out.

But that's not all they tell him lol

I know it's been shown here before, but his family really honestly does want him to write children's books instead of what he's doing now.

They are no longer supporting his "career" but instead are telling him to give it up and instead try his hand at writing books for kids.

You may have seen it here because he mentioned it briefly in Ethereal Gazette Issue 10, but the fact of the matter is that they even think he's a failure and unlike the time after his newspaper interview, when his grandmother was helping him by sending out his books to local radio stations, they no longer care or think he has a future in what he's doing.

I think that idea makes sense. After all, he wouldn't have to worry about sexual content, right? He's lazy though, and I don't think the world is ready for Anthology Coloring Books so he'll probably fail with what he's doing to his grave.

ilikecustardtarts said...

Hey ExposeTheTard, of course the "no sexual content" rule in Pacione's inept scrawl is as fake as everything else about him. Pacione is a nasty "sleep sack" fetishist.


In virtually every rotten story I've read, he writes a scene where (usually) a women is tightly bound with blankets and/or towels. Pacione puts this stuff into his stories deliberately as titillation for himself and presumably others who share this unpleasant interest. There are also photos of him tightly bound into a sleeping bag on the bed of a hostel he was staying in. Did he ask you tuck in him tightly every night Melany? Wait, don't answer that.

Would he put this seedy stuff into childrens books if forced to write them? Maybe he should stick to "baroque horror."

Anonymous said...

ETT--Wow, thanks for the lulz & info. You never fail to entertain.

Ben McClellan said...

Interesting. If his family does kick him out, could that be the end of Nickolaus Pacione? It's pretty clear that he cannot take care of himself on his own, and his disability check will barely pay the rent if he can get his own place, leaving very little for anything else (Yes, I know he'll quit paying rent if he moves in with a roommate). I'm also guessing that no other relatives would take him in, since they probably don't need any more grief than they already have. I also remember two past ETT posts where Nicky whined about not getting along with some of his family because he refuses to get a job and never wants to do anything except play on the computer all waking hours, so that's another strike against him.

I'm also shocked his family supported his writing "career" at first. On the other hand, I'm wondering why they won't tell him to give it up entirely and find an actual JOB that involves leaving the basement. Yes, I know Nicky will flat out refuse to, which is just pathetic.

Anyone else think that Nicky will finally turn violent against a family member when the time comes that they do kick him out of the house?

Jenny said...

Ben, I agree with you that Nicky can't take care of himself. I think it's likely that, if his family kicked him out, he would be homeless not long afterward. Then he'd probably end up in jail or a mental health unit after he went off his meds.

ExposeTheTard said...

Ben: He can't hold a job due to his mental condition, hence him being allowed to get on SSI.

Granted he had to go through some law group like Bender&Bender first...

cussedness said...

One of the people who became ill and then had to hide from Nicky was Macey Wuestof (I'm probably spelling her last name wrong). But she was a lovely person. I have long ago lost touch with her.

After she became ill, he would call her at 1 and 2 in the morning to complain about how people were treating him.

therustynail said...

Wuesthoff. Macey's a classy lady. I lost touch with her after her MS got really bad. I hope it's improved somewhat since then -- symptoms can come and go in cycles, but it never goes away.

AlKilyu said...

Um...he called her THAT late?! Did they talk that late before on better terms before?

AlKilyu said...

I lurked through that time and I remember what happened. She announced on her blog she had something (I forget what) and the EONs were actually concerned. I remember thinking it was a classy group because despite "To Write A Wrong" people were sympathetic, offered support, advice, etc.

This was all in the comments section, so while everyone was talking about her and her problem, Nicky would post to bitch about himself and how everyone was wronging him. I even remember people pointing out the fact he was ignoring his friend's health problem and asking him why he wasn't showing any concern and instead of indicating that he was or showing support for her he actually said something like "Well these assholes pirate my books and harass me blah blah" and generally bitched that he wasn't allowed to become a successful author.

What was that catch phrase he always used about letting him get success or money or something?

therustynail said...

I think it ran along the lines of "Why can't you just let me enjoy being a successful author?"

Anonymous said...

"After she became ill, he would call her at 1 and 2 in the morning to complain about how people were treating him."

I can imagine the lulz

"I don't wear pink bunny slippers!"
"Now I have to wear a tinfoil hat!"
1:31am "I just finished the latest anthology!"
1:33am "They've pirated my latest anthology!"

Anonymous said...

The reason he's been so quiet lately is because his Wall of Shame was a major failure.

Trolls were sending pdfs of all his work including Eye In Shadows to the email addresses he'd post, so his new found enemies were getting all of his work for free, which displeased him.

therustynail said...

"Trolls were sending pdfs of all his work including Eye In Shadows to the email addresses he'd post, so his new found enemies were getting all of his work for free, which displeased him."

Hahahahaha. Hahaha. *gasps for air* Hahahahaha.

Tom Piccirilli said...

Hey ETT:

Barbara and I were good friends for over a dozen years before she passed, but she must've been very worried that people would either take pity on her for her illness or would try to get close to her for ulterior motives. She never mentioned to me that she was ill and I'm still dealing with issues that arise from that.

Would it be too much to ask you to drop me an email? I'd like to ask you a few questions about your discussions with her.

best, Tom Piccirilli

ExposeTheTard said...

No problem Mr. Piccirilli I just sent you an email this very second.

Vinnie Beats said...

De Lurk time here.

I have recieved no hatemail but from him, the shemale porn threat he made hasn't happened so I haven't gotten any pictures of him yet which is great because the ones I saw on that Dramatica page were too much but I have been sent a couple of Tabloid Purpose files, one about earthquakes and storms, the book he wrote about himself the Eye Shadows thing,`another book with a bunch of his short stories I guess it has, one of his magazines that was also a file, so someone sent me a lot of his books in computer file form.

I didn't want em and didnt get why I was sent all of his books until I told him I had em and he got real mad at me. I guess he actually sells those and when he found out someone saw my email on his website and sent me all of his shit for free he got beyond pissed. I mean fuming mad. Calling me a faggot over and over. And telling me he can't eat or pay bills because some one emailed me those books of his.

He accused me of taking a videocamera into movie theaters and filming movies oh and he also said I sell bootleg cds or some shit. I never did that. So the only emails I got as a result of his little wall bit were from someone who has all his books on disk or something. I thought it was him at first trying to buy my respect but it ain't him I know now!

Anonymous said...

He still uses the "camera in a movie theater" line? We really could make a Nicky Pull-String Doll because he seriously only has about twenty thoughts in his head at any given time.

Or an RPG game. I have an idea for a Nicky RPG that I may create someday.

Tess said...

My crime was to email him my opinion of his DA story THAT HE ASKED FOR and he got all pissy.

I got three short angry emails from him, all within about a five minute span or so.

After that I received an email with pretty much what Vinnie got. When I told him, I got an email saying I was committing piracy then about two minutes later I get "FUCK YOURSELF BITCH" before I could even respond.

Even though I never called him a whiny goth, I said it sounded whiny because they didn't like him being goth, he told me my "whiny goth" comment is what set him off. So unless you want his rage, don't call him a whiny goth.

Melany said...

Nicky is as much a real goth as I am. I've met the real thing, and Nicky's as much a real goth as disneyland.

Mike Brendan said...

If Nicky's a Goth, where was that little jackass when Rome was sacked? Oh yeah, hiding in the basement, like a scaredy cat.

Lewis said...

With all the things Nicky claims to be I'm surprised he doesn't have velcro badges so people know which Nicky they're talking to.

Then again in most of the photos I've seen he's wearing a baseball cap, perhaps there's a code dependant on the hat and the angle? Black cap, brim down is Nicky the Goth, brim raised is Nicky the horror writer, no hat means he's a metalhead, cap halfway turned round and he's a white kid from the suburbs acting like a gangsta but when the hat's all the way round he's roleplaying as one of Mussolini's Nazi sex midgets.

Anonymous said...

His rage may have come from the fact he denounced goths over a year ago. I remember him bitching at the goths on LJ saying he was never one of them, he was more a thrasher than goth, he never fit in with them and they let him know that, etc.

Anonymous said...

You guys were right

"Do you realize the person who was my beta reader died before the book was finished."

He's telling me that the reason An Eye In Shadows has so many errors and is so disjointed is because the friend of you all that passed on didn't help him finish it.

I'm not posting this to get a laugh out of it, I'm showing you guys that you were right and now he's blaming that poor woman for his failure. Oh and get ready I'm about to get my own entry again.

Tess said...

I'm confused. Are the trolls rewarding me for being on that wall or punishing him by sending me something new every time I'm on there? Please don't get me wrong I don't mean to sound ungrateful but Blood Contender is awful! How is any living creature the size of a man going to sustain himself by licking glove blood? Am I supposed to be scared that this spooky vampire is married and straight? How does he not read Twilight again?

ExposeTheTard said...

lol he's the one making himself look that pathetic. Sorry I lost all sympathy for him.

Speaking of him quitting, I honestly thought there was a point he was finally going to throw in the towel. There's a local bookstore close to him he used to frequent and got on pretty friendly terms with the staff. He liked them at least.

Anyway there was a time where he discovered a certain female author who he absolutely loathes and despises, on their shelves for sale! To add insult to injury they carried her and wouldn't carry him! He was devastated. I thought for sure it was the hint he needed to stop finally. Instead because he's Nicky, he simply wrote them off as backstabbers and betrayers and went back to writing.

He expected to be a star in his own hometown but instead his mortal enemy sells more books there than he does.

Anonymous said...

"I later found out the faggot passed around the e-book like a sexually transmitted disease."

What an absolutely perfect analogy.

Lewis said...

Tess,I think it's a little of column A and a little of column B to be honest. I haven't read Blood Contender myself but I can see how to make the concept work, though I doubt Nicky has the skill. All you need to do is treat it as an addiction; the vampire can live on animal blood, maybe even black puddings, but he craves the high he can only find in human blood seasoned with adrenaline and all the other goodies in the fight or flight response. Each fight he restrains himself from draining them dry while getting his fix from the blood splashed on his bandages etc., as the story goes on his family life deteriorates while his fights become more brutal and bloody simply because he needs more to achieve the same high. I'm not sure how I would finish it if I was writing it, though there's something tempting in the thought of him running into another vampire after the same high for the finale.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask: Does this Blood Contender even contain a plot? Every other thing he has written is a few characters talking about something that may or may not have happened, and that's it. There is never any actual plot, nothing every happens, and there especially isn't an ending ever. Hard to believe he cites Twilight Zone every 5 minutes because those were stories with plots that were short and sweet.

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