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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nicky Back On Writerscafe (And How You Can Help!)

Thanks Lewis for the tip!

Nicky has returned to writerscafe.org, the website he was BANNED from about a year ago.
"used to be here under a different name until some no name loser reported me for being too harsh. I am looking to test out some of my non-fiction on this vehicle."
That's the only vehicle you'll ever get to control sweetie.

With a new name (Unclefossil) and new IP address (dial-up now instead of Comcast) Nicky was able to slip back in.

Here's how you can help him slip back out!

Click here. It's the "Flag Author" button specifically on Nicky's page, so if he gets flagged multiple times the mods will have to check it out where they'll see a familiar face.

In other news, Nicky's latest "Wall Of Lame" victim, Tess, left the original copy of her email to Nicky in the comments section of my last post. If you've visited his site in the past few hours you'll see that he has been adding people left and right to his wall, yet he's editing the hell out of their emails to remove sentences that embarrass him. That's not a surprise since Nicky has relied on lying and omitting large chunks of truth most of his online life.

Anyway, you can read his version of the email here, but you won't see this part
"From what I see, you got mad at some people who told you not to be goth and that you weren't a good writer, and you didn't like what you said.

It's jut a whine-fest, that's all it is. I read it and I wonder why the author is whining like a kid who just got their feelings hurt."
Now if you'll excuse me, my bingo card needs updating!

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Jenny said...

Damn, Lewis beat me to the punch. I just checked my email and had a Google alert about Nicky's Writerscafe post. I still have an account at WC, and he forgot to block me when he signed up under the new name. Off to leave a review...

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