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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let's Make Death Threats!

Nicky has returned from being obliterated off of a forum and he's furious, but it has nothing to do with that. He doesn't give a link or mention a name, but I'm assuming based on what he said he's refering to lakefossilpress.com which appears to have an owner at the moment.

From his blogspot

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fucking Faggot is trying to hold Lake Fossil Press hostage

The fucker created a domain trying to mislead people from my company. Anyone wants to send this faggot hate maile they can do so at the address above. Publishers -- do not take submissions from this person. He's set out to destroy Lake Fossil Press. My company's been around six years and I am not about to let some faggot ruin the company. If he wants to start a fight, he's got one now. I will see to it every publisher will not publish any of his manuscripts. Prepare to die asshole because your work is going to die with you.

Nicky apparently has no concept of just how cheap it is to secure a domain name or even host your own site for low monthly fees. For the cost of one of his anthologies that he admits will never make money, he could have secured his own name or the name of his "company" that means so much to him.

Instead he'd rather complain and make death threats at those who took the initiative he never did. If I remember right, he thought the owner of nickolauspacione.com should just hand it over to him after he did nothing to make it an actual domain name.

There's always etherealgazette.com, Nicky!
etherealgazette.com is already taken.

I think you should join another Christian site, Nicky. Your death threats are always hilarious but incredibly stupid.

**Note To Rusty**
Rusty was curious about the lineup change in EG10 and whose idea it was to pull the story.

It was the choice of the author, not Nicky.


therustynail said...

Cool. Thanks for the intel, ETT.

autoaim.cfg said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Another round of SA hilarity! Oh, and nicklauspacione.com is also taken, lol

autoaim.cfg said...

I wonder if etherealgazette.com will start accepting submissions soon. *wink, wink*

ExposeTheTard said...

I received a couple of emails asking if I knew who bought lakefossilpress.com or if I was the one that did.

I don't know who did although I wouldn't reveal who if I knew. That sounds confusing but basically I would say if I knew, I just wouldn't reveal who unless I was asked to. I honestly have no idea.

I also have no sympathy for him. He puts hours upon hours, especially lately, into promoting both names but apparently hasn't bothered to register any domain names? With all the online squatters there have been in the past few decades, he was lucky to have those available as long as he did. Instead he bought himself a guitar.

Sometimes I wonder if he waits for someone else to so he can bully them into giving them to him for free.

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