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Friday, March 12, 2010

What Do Rape And "Hallowpoint" Bullets Have In Common?

Both have been used to threaten me in emails from Nicky!

It all started last night after my latest blog entry. I got to thinking that maybe Nicky himself registered etherealgazette.com, so I emailed him to ask if he did or not. I had given my word that if he did, I would gladly post a correction so people knew it was his.

Not surprisingly, I was called a number of names like dyke, cunt, bitch, etc.

After asking again, I recieved four emails within a short period of time from Nickster. I think he thinks that I purchased one or more of those domain names, which I did not. In fact I still don't know who owns what, only that he owns none of them. I won't post all of his pre-eruption emails just a few. Basically he accused me of stalking and whined over me watermarking photos I own that he does not.
(note: He's now using nickolauspacione@vampirefreaks.com to email people. I'm not posting his email so people will spam it or anything)
Friday, March 12, 2010 3:39 AM
From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
To:"Expose TheTard"
Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
I own both you bitch -- I put my blood, sweat and tears into both things. The photos are rightfully mine so you don't have permission to use them. You don't own those names they''re mine. I am about to get the ISSN for the magazine so that magazine is mine.
Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
Friday, March 12, 2010 3:49 AM
From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
Add sender to Contacts
To:"Expose TheTard"
I own Lake Fossil Press and Ethereal Gazette you fucking no name whore. Show your fucking face if you're going to be smearing me you faceless bitch.
Turns out he doesn't own either, according to the folks who comment on Rusty's page, but whatever.

Here are this morning's emails, all within minutes of each other, all full of FURIOUS RAEG!
Friday, March 12, 2010 9:09 AM
From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
To:"Expose TheTard"
Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
I will go to the press with everything that you've tried to do to stifle my traffic and stifle my book sales. You want the fame so much -- I am going to make you hang yourself with it you fucking cunt. Don't ever FUCK with my integrity and don't fuck with my friends. I am coming for you with the full wrath of god bitch.
His traffic? I informed him that I actually helped his traffic by linking to his latest page and forum.

Apparently he threatened to make me cause my own suicide ala Hannibal Lector, which was tame compared to what came after.
Friday, March 12, 2010 6:58 PM
From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
To:"Expose TheTard"
Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
Let me take a second to explain here to those who may not know about ammunition what was just said:

A hollow point (or "Hallowpoint" in Nickyspeak) is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed out shape in its tip, generally intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target in order to decrease penetration and disrupt more tissue as it travels through the target (via Wikipedia)

I take that threat lightly since Nicky himself has said on numerous occasions he cannot own firearms due to his mental condition. (If someone else in his home owns one however, then there is a possibility he may try to use one). Regardless I informed him that he just made a death threat, and how that was far more serious to the press and police than me posting his lost pictures.

He chose to back off his gun talk and went back to rape...
Friday, March 12, 2010 7:05 PM
From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
To:"Expose TheTard"
Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
Friday, March 12, 2010 7:54 PM
From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
To:"Expose TheTard"
Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
Your entire world is going to crumble like cigarette ash. I am calm but you fucked with me for the last time. I am going to use the press to fuck with you and I am talking the large city papers. They find out what you assholes have collectively done to my publishing company and my careere they're going to be pissing down your neck until you beg for your suicide. I am not making a threat at your life but a threat to your whole fucking world. I am going to burn it down like you fucks burned my books and pirated my books.
I guess a number of reporters will soon urinate down my neck to an extent that I shall wish death upon myself. I loved his "I am calm" bit (he did stop CAPSLOCKing) and also, I laugh every time he or someone mentions his books being burned, because that's just funny.
Friday, March 12, 2010 8:33 PM
From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
To:"Expose TheTard"
Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
I am not threatening your life bitch -- I am threatening your entire blogging world. You want to fuck with my career? Yes I have a career as a writer and a publisher and you're fucking with that so I am going to fuck with your world -- you're going to watch that world crumble down brick by brick. Leave my friends alone. I have the article that is already sent to Chicago Sun Times, so do you really want to fuck with me -- the article is already sent to the newspaper and I already have five more newspapers I am going to send it to and they're not small papers.

Good you're afraid of me now -- you better be. By the time I am done you're going to choke on the fame, you want it so much by smearing me every step of the way -- I am going to fuck with your world in every way I am going to do because you and your friends fucked with good people. They didn't deserve what your friends did.
My "friends" ARE good people and never would harass fellow good people. I myself have never harassed any of his friends and I'm proud to say I have never seen any EONs do the same. I'm not afraid of him either, no one is, but I suppose that's another one of the delusions he accepts living in his fantasy world. I did remind him of his threats and how I would be forced to repost his emails where his cousin could see them (normally I keep emails private no matter who) and he responded with the equivalent of "Nuh uh I'm tellin' on YOU!"
Friday, March 12, 2010 8:38 PM
From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
To:"Expose TheTard"
Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
You have 48 hours to take very bit of written content of mine down from your blog or I send this article to another newspaper. This isn't blackmail -- this is playing hardball. Leave Grigori 3 alone and leave Neutral Red alone -- you messed with their integrity and you messed with one of my writers in the process. When someone does that, it's like they're messing with family. I will actually tell Kim exactly what you're doing with me with exposethetard -- I am not going after your blog on blogspot but your blog on wordpress.com to.
You fucked with a man who is fghting for his companies and something he put all his blood, sweat and tears in doing. So is really destroying my company really worth your miserable exsitance you faceless coward. Now show your fucking face as the press shall rape you.
(Kim has stated she doesn't care for my blog so he may be in luck, although I have a hard time believing gun and rape talk are okay regardless. Also, I have a wordpress blog?)

It's painfully obvious to anyone who has ever read my blog that I have never harassed Grigori 3 or Neutral Red...as a matter of fact Neutral Red contacted me regarding Nicky at the show (giving us hilarious info about Nicky screaming into the mic and almost ruining their gig even after he was told to) and to be honest Neutral Red showed themselves to be a class act when they did contact me. I went and purchased one of their albums afterwards I was so impressed Both are bands with a lot of talent and should be checked out...but that's just me stating my opinion, not kissing ass for swag like Nicky does.

I once again warned Nicky about his death threats, how I'd have to post these where she could see, but typical, he didn't listen because...
From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
To:"Expose TheTard"
Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
You're willing to lie to the world about that bitch -- that's more fuel for me to go to the press. I am going ot fuck with you using the press to do it. So you kindly want to stop fucking with my career and sales like some cunt. LAKE FOSSIL PRESS IS MY FUCKING COMPANY -- it's not some assholes who has a domain for it. I am the essence of the company and you're little dancing on the grave of it -- I am making your funeral arrangements.
...he went and threatened my life once again.
Friday, March 12, 2010 8:56 PM
From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
To:"Expose TheTard"
Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
So you really want to fuck with me now lady? You just unleashed the beast -- so if you think I am going to back off now, go fuck yourself. You should have never fucked with Withersin Magazine you made them a target because they ran my work. .
OH NOES I've "unleashed the beast"!!!! Run! The beast is going to come out of the basement and...then probably go back down.

After scratching my head at his Withersin comment, I think I finally figured out what's going on. My "Nicky's Ice Cream Post"post analogy featured all of the names Nicky drops on any given day, like Grigori 3, Withersin, Richard Mattheson, but it certainly didn't "go after" or insult them.

The emails above finally ended. I don't know if it's because he finally went to bed this afternoon or if he listened to me for once when I reminded him that such activity will surly cost him his internet access.

Myself? I don't mind. I'm a strong woman. But I posted this for the sake of the other (strong) women he ha harassed and will again the second he gets back online.

Now if you all will excuse me, I have to get ready for my interviews with the press. I have to find an old shirt to wear when they piss down my neck...


Lewis said...

He really cut loose today with his attack on Ray Garton and the death threats, he won't be a happy bunny once he sees his helium article was deleted. Apparently there is an exposethetard.wordpress.com but there's only one post from April 2008.

I also took the liberty of checking and the domain names journalistwatersports.com and pressgoldenshowers.com are both available in case you want to set up a website to cash in on your apparently imminent encounter with the incontinent press.

Melany said...

Let him go to the press. I'm sure they'd love to contact you and see these lovely threats in which case Nicky's threats will backfire on him. =D

Anonymous said...

Bad Lewis. Bad. I really need to put down the coffee before reading your comments. My keyboard will be safer that way.

Anonymous said...

"I will actually tell Kim exactly what you're doing with me with exposethetard"

hahahahahahaha this is a victory for every woman that had that psychopath talking shit about them on blogs and filling their inboxs with his hate.

Badass unapologetic in-your-face hard rockin' makes-his-own-rules Nickolaus Pacione is at the mercy of a WOMAN who isn't even his mom or grandmother. He's some young woman's BITCH and is at her mercy!

That's karma.

Anonymous said...

He may very well have a shitload of "hallowpoints" because bullets are badass and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Nicky collected them, but maybe he doesn't realize they won't do him much good without a gun.

Also, LOL @ threatening to tell on you to Kim. Way to hide behind the skirts, Badass!

ExposeTheTard said...

Add Pepsi to the list of things not to drink when reading posts made by Lewis :P

Something must me wrong with my email. I haven't gotten any from the Chicago Sun Tribune or even the Coal City Chamber. Is Yahoo having problems?

autoaim.cfg said...

Does Grigori 3 know that a mentally disturbed man is sitting in Shirley Paciones basement and threatening to rape and kill people on their behalf? Perhaps they should be asked for an official statement regarding their "promoter" raping and killing people? ;D

What was the contact information for Grigori 3 now again... lol...

Lewis said...

I just noticed in the e-mails he starts talking about the "article" being sent to the Chicago Sun and how he'll send it to other papers. Did he actually send them a copy of his Helium article expecting them to publish it? If he did that's right up there with his claims of being an investigative journalist.

Anonymous said...

I iz Nikki, investigative urinalist! FEAR ME!

Mike Brendan said...

I think we should inform the Morris Police that Nicky was threatening to use a firearm with "hallowpoint" bullets and that they should thoroughly search the premises.

In Hazmat suits.

ExposeTheTard said...

oh noez anonymous wen he seez it he'll be all "FFFFUUUUUUUU"

auto: I never knew the deal there I never contacted them. They've invited him on stage to officially give away his books to them, one of their band members contributes to his anthologies, but that was before this latest stuff like you said. They should be mad at him, because he's using them, Neutral Red, and others trying to get them involved so they'll go after me for him. In the past he's tried to use the person who wrote the intro to one of his TPs against the book burners-because he's black so he tried to say they were racist-then he used a woman who had passed on to make the book burners look horrible that way, and he's using the bands the same way.

I was in contact with that deceased author (I never told anyone this) and it infuriates me when he mentions her. She realized a long time ago what he was about but was afraid to back out of the series, because she was afraid of him. Poor thing in talking to her I heard her fears and while I could offer her help with Nicky, I couldn't offer her help with her cancer. What he did with the bands doesn't bother me but when he used her, thinking about it now has me clenching my teeth so hard it hurts.

Lewis: I'm guessing the Helium article or something equally as bad. I can't honestly see any media outlet looking at any of his essays and going "Stop the presses! We have Pulitzer material here!"

Ben McClellan said...


Nicky had better be PRAYING for the slowest news day in the history of the Chicago Sun-Times if he honestly expects them to scrap the stories they're already going to publish with pages and pages of some basement dweller whining about the poor treatment he's getting from people on the computer while failing to mention all of the death threats and threats of legal action he's spewed out over the past several years.

Anonymous said...

Subject: hey asshole
From: "Nickolaus Pacione"
Date: Sat, March 13, 2010 2:13 pm
To: submissions@etherealgazette.com

Why the hell are you impersonating my grandmother and trying to steal my magazine?

I will be going to the press with all of this and carefully making your funeral

gothic-industrial culture:

Crawford Tillinghast said...


What, are they made from pumpkins or something??

*just falls over laughing*

Lewis said...

Well Nicky knows that the only way to really put down such unspeakable monsters as the likes of us is to use bullets that have been blessed by a higher power, his "hallowpoints".

Now most people would have trouble finding a priest willing to bless ammunition outside of a deranged Christian Militia, but that's where Nicky's diminutive stature and high pitched voice worked in his favour for once. After a quick shave, and a far longer shower, he was able to convince old Father O'Shaughnessy to bless a boxful in exchange for a night as his willing and passionate altar boy.

ExposeTheTard said...

After reading that email I'm jealous to know I'm not the only one that gets free funeral services. You know he's broke so he's going to make me share mine with you.

Since he's a promoter and all, I wonder if he'll try and book a band to play it? I'm sure he'll also do a book signing with the table between our coffins and everything. Maybe he'll pass out his books instead of fliers as people walk in.

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