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Monday, March 8, 2010

"♫ Oh Nikita You Will Never Know...♪"

I don't know who to thank for this as it appeared in my anonymous reporting box as a link to an image site, but thank you whoever you are!

Over on the rock board Nicky has yet to be banned from, someone answered his question "What Scares You?" much to Nicky's dismay, then Susanna Holmes arrives to warn the members of Nicky's sordid past.

"everyone who knows me personally knows I refuse to touch an Elton John album. When I was at the apartment I was blasting Iced Earth or VOIVOD. Welcome to the ignore list you sad joker."
But he'll play the hell out of Leo Sawyer!

He's embarrassing the hell out of himself by being such a celeb-wannabe and he cannot talk over there without dropping names or promoting himself in anyway shape or form. Here are but a few examples...
"Oh damn -- the last movie I saw in the theater was Orphan. The last movie I bought on DVD is One Missed Call (I bought two copies of this one. One for myself and one for my publisher.)"
Had to mention "his publisher" who he drove out of business because he sucks so bad.
"Do any of you have Bruce Dickison's horror novel? I just bought that recently to see what he did. Being a writer myself out of the metal scene, this was something I had to pick up -- I learned how to be a journalist from Mick Mercer."
(Mick Mercer btw is his newest obsession, but don't hold that against Mick)
"I want the long sleeve the one that is designed like the secular metal long sleevs. I have an Iced Earth longsleeve from their show in 2004. I wear it when I host shows."
It goes on and on. Seriously. Every post is like that. There could be a thread titled "What's Your Favorite Ice Cream?" and you'd see
"I like Rocky Road. I once had an ice cream cone at a Grigori 3 concert with the Gwen the lead singer because I've know her for years. I usually have a bowl of sherbet when I'm editing one of my magazines or one of my upcoming LAKE FOSSIL PRESS books. Rob Halford got me into eating ice cream with nuts in it. Donna Burgess was the one who told me I lick my ice cream just like Lovecraft did. Richard Matheson likes Strawberry. Mick Mercer is the reason I only eat sugar cones. I ate frozen yogurt when I was published in WITHERSIN MAGAZINE. I was hospitalized a few years ago for a severe ice cream headache I got at Gothicfest 2007. The EMTs had to come get me after I sat down in discomfort."
No one likes a show off and name dropper, Nicky.


Jenny said...

He was hospitalized for a severe ice cream headache? ROFL

Anonymous said...

ROFL at the ice cream parody!

Er, that was a parody and not a direct quote, right?

cussedness said...

He'll somewhat behave himself and then go apeshit at someone there.

The people who go after Nicky at these sites do not handle it right.

Back when Nicky and I were going at it most furiously, I would go to the sites where he was posting.

I would not complain about him. I would not warn people about him. I would simply be nice and friendly to all. Just having me around always set him off and got him banned.

Trolls cannot stand to have their victims appearing in the same place that they do.

Disco Justice said...

"I learned how to be a journalist..."
No. No, you didn't.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

This little blog is going to end up raping you in the end. I see your world crumbling like a cigarette ash, and I am going to watch it burn down.

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