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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nickolaus Pacione Is An Ass Kisser: Part 1

And he's not very subtle about it.

First off, Nicky only writes positive reviews for two reasons: To kiss people's ass and to promote himself inside the reviews.

From Mick Mercer's Myspace
"... I dropped you a review on Lulu.com, I plan to get the books when I have some more cash -- I am impressed with how you presented the book -- `
That was nice of him to do for Mick, but there was a catch:
"you know I have an invitation for you, I am doing a special publication on Lulu.com which will be connected to my magazine. I am seeking true paranormal accounts written by everyone in the dark subculture (horror, Goth, Metal, and where ever you think.) "
he then goes on to say he's got a goth model for his upcoming EG.
Now here's something that's really Nicky: Rock Groupie!

From Grave Robber's facebook
Nickolaus Pacione
Holy crap that's huge. Congrats on this one. I got a little present for you on VampireFreaks.com.com -- I did a huge review of your new CD.
The following is only select pieces from his review that back up my two theories: Nicky is a wannabe groupie to rock bands, and he only wants to print books to giveaway to said rock bands to increase his groupie status and get free swag (also, that he can't review anyone else's work without whoring himself out further) so from his Vampire Freaks review...
  • This is one of those bands I actually caught live and helped them bring their gear in to the show they were playing at -- this was at Skot Shaw's place they played at.
  • The kind of stuff they do, has my respect because they are the first in the faith based community to say Rape and Prostate in their lyrics. (lol@prostate)
  • I actually gave Skot a copy of my novella for and told him to put me to work with this one.
  • I actually met DJ Count at this show, a local Gothic DJ from my hometown and I gave him a copy of my novella from NSP Books.
  • I had this album in my CD player when I was editing my magazine and when I would write some of my horror stories --
  • I did a merch trade with the guys at the snow -- I have the I, Zombie shirt from them but I am trying to get another one where it's 2XL. (lol Nicky is a fatsto)
  • They usually play Cornerstone Festival somewhere in Illinois, but they are coming to Chicago at a new veneue that I wish I could make the show for -- I gave them a copy of Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 for the shirt.
  • It's the type where you pull out the black jeans and long sleeve t-shirts, the wallet chains and the kind of thing people did when they hear The Misfits or Danzig.
  • This band actually got a lot of recognition in the horror community, which is something to actually stand up and take notice -- they got the respect of this horror writer.
  • Take it from a guy who does scary stories for a living, these guys I actually play in my CD player when I do the short stories -- I usually blast a lot of doom metal when I do the baroque horror. These guys are good for the horror atmospherics.


Disco Justice said...

"Take it from a guy who does scary stories for a living,"

I'm not sure he realises what "for a living" means. I'm pretty sure his stories don't keep a roof over his head. Just a guess.

therustynail said...

LOL! Disco Justice beat me to it. I thought exactly the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, actually?

Jenny said...

I find it hard to imagine Nicky helping the band bring any gear into the building; it's just too much work...unless maybe he carried the drum sticks in. He could probably manage that.

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