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Friday, March 12, 2010

Nicky Surrenders!

Someday we're going to break his obsession with a certain female author and I won't rest until that day.
Enough is enough, I am tired of these people going around creating cute little communities slandering my name -- "fan sites" as they call them, if they were a fan site then they would not go around using my name as a urinal. People coming on stealing my posts from one blog to the next, then the mean and spiteful reviews every chance they get.
The shit with the bitch I won't mention by name was the straw that cracked me, but I am not going to go cussing everyone out every chance I get. I try to get new material out there then these idiots go around trying to offer pirated versions of Tabloid Purposes II. You had no right to be distributing the anthology if you didn't contribute a story or edit it. In all seriousness, what is destroying me going to prove? Then going around stealing my covers and bastardizng them to their perverse little need.
I want this shit to stop because clearly it isn't fun having to fight with every cum gulping schmuck out there. They say I go around hating common sense and clarity, they cleary hate it more than me. Their idea of common sense is a bit twisted, what kind of logic do they find in mocking me or impersonating my family. If you have an issue with me -- leave my family out of it.
White flag -- I am not the one to surrender but seriously, I want this to end. Going around stalking me from one forum to the next, stealing my online personas via yahoo. I am addressing every asshat out there who thinks it is funny going on as my alter ego, characters from my work, or as my story's titles. Every person who practiced e-piracy deserves a punch in the head.
This is nothing new, same bullshit another name. Am I going to mend the bridges I burned, I will try to keep civil but seriously those who've created threads slandering me or journals that slander me better stay the hell out of my way. I might have a mouth on me, but I won't let that destroy my career. Will I stop with the vulgarity, no because that is just the way I am. Point fingers at me; I will point one back and it won't be pleasing either. Some might not get my logic, but the ones who would understand this are the ones who've been around me the longest and in person. I am exactly the way I am in person I am online.
This bothers some people, especially if they hate my persona online. The whole thing about them wanting to, "burn the monster." That is what wants me to do this kind of rant. I've seen this too many times. I am not about to come out to be a kiss ass either, that was something I never was brought up to be. I do find myself being on the brunt of a lot of things, but sometimes I don't care. Though when someone decides to get personal and try to create something extremely slanderous, as what the Truth Abuth Nick is doing --- he's not even that accurate, and he had no right to stealing posts from my message boards. Every bit of it is not true, I don't even wear slippers and that little picture he doctored of the magazine was really of me holding a copy of Tabloid Purposes I. They thing this is going to silence me by stealing my posts -- wrong. I am a mouth, and say exactly what is on my mind no matter how offensive it will come out to be.
That entry is almost five years old and is punishment for going after another innocent. It was written on Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
One of the people he meant that to, as he later mentioned by name, was Janrae. The truce obviously broke but not after Nicky repeatedly said after the initial post he wanted it to stay in place. He really wanted a truce very badly and it seemed like once or twice a day he would mention it to remind people he was done with the drama.

I cannot find it at the moment, but around this time when he was complaining about people impersonating him and sites that did the same, he actually said something along the lines of "I pretend it doesn't bother me, but it does." That's almost an exact qu0te, or may actually be. I'll have to dig around to find it.

Anyway the point of this post was to show that the bully isn't as tough as he pretends. Defenseless babies, women, and the elderly are targets he has no problem with, but he's weaker than he tries to appear, so don't be intimidated by him.


Disco Justice said...

"but I am not going to go cussing everyone out every chance I get"

cussedness said...

He can't stay civil about anything. I outlasted everyone else in that truce. I kept it the longest, and he still went after me and my daughter again.

I remember that well.

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