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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Little Late

Guess who is going to register domain names now?
"Lake Fossil Press (the real one will have a domain in may.) The Ethereal Gazette (The real one will have a domain in june.)"
If I were to venture a guess I'd say he's probably going to try something like lake-fossil-press.com, theetherealgazette.com or ethereal-gazette.com.

If that's the case then maybe I should delete that from this entry otherwise some devious troll may try to register those first! That would be a bad thing.


therustynail said...

He thinks it's a real domain when it's hosted at Tripod. I can't see him forking out the bucks to register a domain, let alone have it hosted. If he registers one for real, chances are extremely high that he'd simply redirect it to a free host.

Disco Justice said...

Yeah, I don't really get the impression he'd know what to do with a domain, other than point it at one of his existing pointless sites.

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