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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Nicky is going to be getting his own column in an e-zine, that part is true. Rumor is that one of his Ethereal Gazette authors works with, Dystopia Magazine.

This one isn't a rumor actually, it's a fact: Nicky very recently submitted another story to Withersin Magazine.


Lewis said...

I can't see his column lasting too long myself, but we'll wait and see.

Anonymous said...

He just mentioned Carol (I'm assuming that's the person you are refering to ETT) on Shocklines trying to get her published so there must be something there. I can't see it lasting too long either.

ExposeTheTard said...

After getting a few emails pointing me over to the comments over at Rusty and seeing him mention it a few times on his blog, I went ahead and told Nicky that savageotter10@gmail.com is Lawrence.

I don't think Larry should be allowed to get away with that shit anymore. Nicky is nuts, full on, even he admits it. Daggy is supposed to be normal but in reality is a conniving scheming psychopath. I personally think he goes after Nicky in such foul ways because he knows that if the person is anonymous he'll go after the people Daggy hates. Regardless I believe he's evil and he has one less person to manipulate now.

Mike Brendan said...

Dagstine is an evil son of a bitch. There's no limit how low he'll go to stalk, harass and threaten anyone whom he sees as more successful than he (and it's getting to be a long list).

ExposeTheTard said...

I agree with those that say it's amazing what he says and does when people already know his M.O. The very people he looks to fool know when it's him and they know the what and why of what he does because he's done it all before.

I believe he is used to fooling Nicky and believes that he is more apt at being devious than he actually is.

cussedness said...

Dagswine is a nasty SOB. Using Nick as a stalking horse is just wrong.

It causes a lot of pain all around.

ExposeTheTard said...

You can always tell when some mysterious alt is going to show up and either start posting harassing crap against EONs or send out hateful emails.

As soon as you see Larry get disgraced again in public or have his ass handed to him, that's when all of that begins.

Daggy is petty and wants everyone's personal info, he also wants his detractors offline. What does he do? He goes really overboard in harassing Nicky, so much so that the law would have to get involved. I saw savageotter10's physical threats just like ValentineVegan. Then, he shows up on Shocklines in ALL CAPS proclaiming that the law should get involved.

Only the coward Lawrence ever wants the law involved. Whenever he posts over at SL and things go bad, he starts talking police. So I'm positive Nicky's "defender" over there was Lawrence for many reasons, but mentioning the police sealed it.

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