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Thursday, March 4, 2010

tsk tsk tsk Nicky...

I told you about going after innocents, didn't I?

Nicky went after the FRIEND of someone he hates on a blog that had NOTHING to do with Nicky, and in it, said some of the most horribly shit imaginable. For any of the contributors to DYERS EVE and other projects you've sent Nicky your stories to hoping to get published by him, read the following, then ask yourself if the $5 is worth your name being tied to this psycho.
(name of person and blog withheld to keep their name out of it, like they are)
Blogger Nickolaus Pacione said...

"Do you and Lewis fuck each other in the ass all the time? Or that's right you're getting it from your dead mother. What if someone took your hard earned ideas and made stories from them? That's why I got pissed off -- I busted my ass on Halloween Girl. That story is MINE -- my ideas, my concept, my imagination. Do you understand that -- thou shall not steal you fucker. If you agree with LEWIS then you deserve to get rectal cancer.

4 March 2010 09:56"

Now, I already know a couple of people who are set to appear in DYERS EVE, and I may just contact them and simply ask them to come look at what I just posted. To any EONs reading this: If you come across anyone who plans to appear in any future Lake Fossil Press publications, I ask you link them to this entry to do the same.

Just look at this "person"

  • Or that's right you're getting it from your dead mother.
  • If you agree with LEWIS then you deserve to get rectal cancer.

You want to tell your friends and family "Hey look! This guy wants me in his 'book' and I said 'yes!'"?

Now as promised, because an innocent was attacked, here's something Nicky really hates: Seeing shit that he no longer can access.

I'm not an innocent, Nicky. Bitching about me is acceptable. Going after people who aren't involved or haven't done a thing to you are off-limits and you know this. Same goes for people that haven't said or done anything to you in years, especially if they're women. Do you understand?

People think you hate women because you are gay and can't admit it. They think you go after women authors because you're angry they are able to have a career as a writer when you still can't. Everytime you go after either, you might as well wear a dress with "I FAILED AT BEING AN AUTHOR" stitched across the back. Do you understand?

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