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Friday, March 19, 2010

More Robotic Reader!

They just keep coming! That's fine with me! :3


Tess said...

I see that bastard cut out parts of my email, so here's exactly what I sent him.

So I saw on Shocklines you wanted people to read your story then email you their opinion. After reading it I felt compelled to give you mine.

"First off I don't see how you can call it a story. Nothing happens! From what I see, you got mad at some people who told you not to be goth and that you weren't a good writer, and you didn't like what you said.

It's jut a whine-fest, that's all it is. I read it and I wonder why the author is whining like a kid who just got their feelings hurt.

My biggest complaint though, is that it's called a story and it's not. There's no beginning, middle, end, there's no story arc, no characters or character development, nothing. It's a blog entry or an angry email, but it's not a story. I think you even knew it sucked that's why you posted it for free instead of trying to charge people to read it.

So that's my honest opinion which you asked for. I saw you said if people flame you that you were putting them on some Wall of Shame or something? Well I'm not flaming you so I damn well better not see my name on there."

I knew I'd get on the wall of shame which I did because I have a bingo card too! Anyway, if someone has a Shocklines account and wants to link to his "Wall Of Lame" in the thread where he's asking for opinions, that would be appreciated.

Tess said...

Oh, and love the videos Robot!

Lewis said...

Since I apparently have a permanent spot on his Wall of Shame I'd like to welcome you to the party. I'm a bit sad that all I got was a little mention at the end of that post but I have been fairly quiet this past week.

Lewis said...

Also ETT Nicky's back on Writers Cafe http://www.writerscafe.org/UncleFossil

Anonymous said...

OMFGROFLMFAO after that guy grabs his ass he has a raging boner!

That's what I love about Robotic Reader, all the subtle jokes you may miss the first time around.

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