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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Being Offensive!

Nicky finds a facebook group titled "Being Offensive"and proceeds to act exactly how you would expect him to act.
Nickolaus Pacione :laughing: This is fucking great -- tell the homos they might as well be fucking their own mothers each time they stick a dick up their ass.
February 14 at 4:43pm · Report
Wow. For someone who hates "the homos" he spends a great deal of time thinking of them having anal sex. He's also a fan of incest specifically sex with parents as we've seen over the years and pointed out in Robotic Reader's latest video.

Don't believe me about him spending way too much time thinking about the genitalia of those with alternate lifestyles?

In a post where someone makes a joke about a transvestite...
Nickolaus PacioneThat's just fucking sick -- get that IT out of here. Someone needs to shoot that transvestite right in the balls with a pellet gun!
February 14 at 4:51pm · Report
This is the best one and takes place in a post where someone told the old joke about three men sleeping next to each other and the one in the middle dreams he's skiing. We've all heard the joke and know how it ends. Dirty as it is, the joke doesn't specifically and graphically tell you what exactly happened the night before, so Nicky feels compelled to explain in detail.
Nickolaus Pacione I heard ths one in basic. Ski Polls -- the fag was pulling their dicks.
February 14 at 5:12pm · Report
It's been said before but I'll say it again...for someone so dead set against people writing homoerotic content, he writes more of it than anyone on this earth. Seriously. What's the old saying, "Write what you know"?

I almost forgot necrophilia! Nicky loves to talk about having sex with the dead.
Nickolaus Pacione What the fuck -- that's disgusting but damn I can't stop laughing. I will never make rape jokes -- but I will tell people to go dig up a corpse and fuck it!
February 14 at 9:57pm · Report
He won't make rape jokes because he's serious when he threatens you with it. I think I have an idea why he loves to hang around graveyards now, but I don't want to think about it. :O
Nickolaus Pacione My best friend told me on the phone, "Be right back I think my dinner is burning. Oh nevermind, it was some Great White fan."
February 15 at 8:08pm · Report
LOL oh Nicky you and Jason's extreme metal tastes are always good for a laugh or two!
Well at least he isn't trying to shill his writing, right? Wrong!
Nickolaus Pacione Here's an offensive horror story for you bastards -- enjoy. This one pissed off many but each time when they flamed it, all they did was adding to the vicious sting of the short story. I am planning to expand this one later in the year.
February 16 at 6:24pm · Share · Report
He's correct that is an offensive horror story. It's offensive to the people that established writing and grammar rules over the years. It's also offensive to anyone who ever clicked on it thinking it was an actual horror story or for that matter, a story period.

This last one proves he was faking it for the Christian forum he got booted off of lately and isn't the good Christian he'd have you believe. The group's picture is Jesus giving someone the middle finger, which pleases Nickolaus H
Nickolaus Pacione You guys are fucking riot! Is just me or do I find Jesus flipping the bird is funny?
February 14 at 10:00pm · Report
Oh Nicky you rebel.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what is sadder: Nicky trying desperately to find someplace online to fit in, or the increasing signs that he's losing the battle to stay straight.

I'm being 100% honest when I say I can imagine him being chased by a gay version of himself. He's got a terrified look on his face, running like a bat out of hell while his gay self trollops along behind him Pepe Lepew-style.

Anonymous said...

Something fun to watch would be commenting the following on some stuff he wrote: "Hey, you guys want to see someone explode in a rainbow mist of rage? Send some gay porno to Nickolaus Pacione, 3600 Walleye Road, Morris, IL, 60450, USA and wait for the screams to echo around the world".

That would possibly make for an, how shall I put it, interesting! reaction.

Anonymous said...

*cring* Stuff like this just makes me embarrassed for him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all three anonymous'

He's fighting teh ghey urges.

Posting his info on there would be funny.

I'm embarrassed for him too. Like with the Heart of Metal board, he tries way too damn hard and comes off as really lame. I think it's an insight as to what happens when he goes out to clubs and hangs with bands and crap, I also think he probably did that in school hence the beatings. He just seems so desperate lately for some place to fit in, I actually find myself feeling pity for him.

Anonymous said...

pacione sounds like a bad egg 10 days too old.

Lewis said...

Nothing wrong with feeling a bit of pity for him, the problem is that he's all too quick to remind you exactly what an asshole he is.

Thank Horrorgal for the link to this recent piece of evidence.

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