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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ethereal Gazette Issue Eleven

I'm not sure if this is authentic or not since it didn't come from Nicky himself, but in my inbox this afternoon there was an email from someone claiming to have gotten a copy of the cover for the upcoming ETHEREAL GAZETTE from Nicky.

If this cover is legit I'm reporting him to the ASPCA. Again. I thought his "animalistic" days were over.

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Nickolaus Pacione said...

that's. not. the. damn. cover. You jackholes have very sick obsession to sabotage me getting published. Such as your so-called friend, AngryInIllinois, when he's not from Illinois.
     I traced his cellphone number and found out the occupation on facebook, I didn't add him, I just saw the history. Finally I got something on that son of a bitch. As I wrote in my book, he had shit work for a job. I would rather take up ghost editing gigs because I can get up to $200 pending who wants me to edi typeset the book for them. The computer became a new printing press, you think that cover is the actual cover? Yeah right, keep dreaming as you keep telling your self how I lost my company when I didn't

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