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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nickolaus Pacione Is An Ass Kisser: Part 2

You may have seen Nicky announce recently that a station would be giving away copies of his books. If you did, you weren't surprised since you know that's the only way his books get into anyone's hands (especially the book burners!) and many of them end up giving them away to people to torch.

But have you ever seen anyone desperate to give their crap away?
Feb 20, 2010, 10:01pm
hey man you got something coming in the mail from Lulu.com -- they're the flesh and bloods for Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10. I am in the process of getting models for 11.
Him "getting models" reminds me too much of this.

In typical Nicky fashion, he lets the world know at every opportunity how broke he usually is...
Feb 25, 2010, 01:59pm

I am not sure how big the box is but it should be coming from North Carolina. I am sending you a copy of my memoir, An Eye In Shadows, for you personally next month. I have to wait to see what my bill situation is like -- I got a $180 phone bill because I use two phone lines, it will be like that for a while. I am trying to nail the Joliet paper with the magazine but relying on word of mouth for the memoir becuase there are things my former classmates will be pissed about because I wrote in there -- I wrote about a classmate's death in retrospect because it helped develop my horror works.
This I found gross. Any one of the thousands of people that read their free copy of An Eye In Shadows will remember Nicky making a point of mentioning this classmate dying, and how he didn't care because he didn't really know the guy and how Nicky didn't cry at his or anyone else's funeral. Somehow the classmate's death "helped develop" his "horror works". As I remember, this was exactly how the classmate was mentioned.
"I remember how it affected a lot of people who were in his class from the beginning, reason why I didn't really effect me because I barely knew the guy. This was the second year I was living in Glendale Heights, Illinois. I moved there from Roselle, Illinois, in November 1987. I know I would have pissed a lot of people off about saying something back then about the death and how I hardly knew the guy – let alone he got his rocks off by making fun of me in the neighborhood."
- An Eye In Shadows: The Free PDF Edition
That's another thing about Nicky...he makes any tragedy around him, about him. Everything from female journalists going missing to 9/11. Here, he just told the DJ that a classmate's death affected him when it didn't. Hell he even made a point in the book to go from his ass breaking the bus window to the "Nordic Homicides"!


Anonymous said...

I love the video. It's from his "silent" era when he didn't know how to use the sound on his video camera, right? His pudgy little sausage fingers and smarmy smile really contributed to the scary, Gawthik-Metal, darkitty-dark Grandma's basement atmosphere, too. As a bonus, he shows all 100 of the books in his massive library of scary, darkitty-dark Gawthic-Metalness!

A+, would LOL again!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I counted about 40 books visible in the video. Maybe the other 60 were just too darkitty-dark to show up.

Anonymous said...

turn up the sound on the video on ett's site, it has audio.

Anonymous said...

It has sound, but I think that was added afterward by a parodist. If I remember correctly, the original video was silent.

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