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Monday, April 28, 2008

"sometimes an occasional intimate encounter" or "looking for his lost lenore"

You spoke, I listened. I recieved a number of emails that Nicky went after another innocent and after checking the link sent you were right. Disgusting.

Well this gives us a chance to look at part 2 of Nicky's dating profiles. This one is from
loveaccess.com. The title of this post is the most disturbing of it all and frankly to me, the most disturbing thing I've ever posted here as you will see at the bottom of this entry but I have to comment on here first :

" I am looking for someone I can actually grow old with in due time, sometimes an occasional intimate encounter.

Have you ever seen anything like that before? Sure everyone expects sex in a relationship, especially a long term one, but an "occasional intimate encounter"? So his sex drive is such that he only needs it occasionally, or is he trying to sweeten the deal by saying that if you choose him, you only have to do it once in a while?

Well now that I've blown the surprise, read on.

Gomez looking for his Mortica

Age: 25
Gender: Male


Country: United States
Location: Morris, IL
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Hair Color: Black hair
Eye Color: Brown
Religion: Christian - Other
Astrological sign:


Level of Education: Some college



$25k to $34k

Smoking: Smoke Socially
Drinking: Drink Socially / Occasionally
Relationship Status: Never Married
Have Children: I'll tell you later
Want Children: Yes
Looking to meet a: Female
Age: 19 to 29
Relationship Desired: serious relationship with marriage potential
Last Visit: More than a month ago
Link to this page:
In my own words
About Me
I am a horror writer who writes on the lines of H.P. Lovecraft looking for his lost lenore so to speak. I am an avid outdoorsman at times like to do some backpacking from time to time. I am looking for a woman who I can take backpacking from time to time. I am disabled for mental health reasons; wishes to go back to school if timing allows. I carry myself as mysterious but at the same time I am very outspoken. I am flexible when it comes to the type of woman I am looking for, but I will not go for women who are twice my age since I was a teen pregancy -- I am marriage minded but will take anything right now and allow to take by sails and enjoy the ride. I like to do a lot of photography and do a lot of drawing -- do a lot of things that are artistic in nature, so I am trying to find a woman who is intellectal but at the same time will go to an occasional night club. I listen to heavy metal and grunge and the way I dress is a cross between heavy metal and grunge. I am an independant freelance artist/writer. The website is forum of where I display all three forms of expression. Material possessions -- don't matter to me to be honest.
About You
I am looking for someone I can actually grow old with in due time, sometimes an occasional intimate encounter. I want a person who is very intelectual as well as artistic. I am very much of a recluse in nature so I am looking for someone who can get me out of the reclusive phases. One who does understand that I am not really a partier but don't mind going out at times. Someone who is also an artist or writer. I sometimes will go spend a few days outdoors -- sometimes walk around Grant Park or Pilitcher Park and watch the stars in the sky.

What lady in her right mind can pass that up?
"I am marriage minded but will take anything right now..."
Translates to "I want to be married but at this point I'll take sloppy tenths in your male harem" at least to me.

And save it. After you realize why I am posting this blog entry you will surmise in your head that I have to be someone else because it was a relative of theirs I insulted and as usual you will be wrong. Instead of trying to figure out who I am and the identity of others, why don't you work on yourself first? I haven't seen you blog about a therapy visit in years, and there was a time where you documented publicly every thing you did from doctor's visits to whatever medication you started. You need to get help again, because your anger is making you look more and more like a monster. No one has to say anything about you to make you look bad, one only need to link people to sites where your own words are the most damning evidence against you. Stop being a disgusting spoiled brat and making fun of the sick, dying or dead you little weasel.


Mark said...

What was he doing six years ago that earned him $25,000 to $34,000 a year? Does the Social Security Administration know about this? Oh, wait, he also claims to be 5'10" and of athletic build. Just another in a looooooooong string of lies, I reckon.

Valyn said...

Wow he sounded really desperate in that entry. He obviously doesn't have a sex drive OR he wants to let the woman know she won't have to be tortured by too many sexual encounters with his greasy ass self.

I was horrified when I read his last blog and I have been kicking myself ALL day because I know in my heart he used words from my blog to say those nasty, nasty things.

The boy needs serious help, maybe a year or two in a mental hospital, some good meds. He's going to keep on running off at the mouth until someone kills him.

You know what? I am going to put something out right now. I am diagnosed with PTSD, OCD, Social Phobias, GAD, Autism and Intermittent Explosive Disorder. My problems (all but the Autism) stem from YEARS and YEARS of horrific abuse at the hands of my "dad". I am on MEDICATIONS and my problems are controlled and I am nothing but nice. There is NO excuse for the things he does. I get so sick of seeing him blame his "mental illness" for every damn thing he does and says. GET HELP NICK. Really.

I shudder to think what he will say about me when I finally kick the big one, but who cares....I just feel sick all over right now and a tad bit responsible for what was said in his blog. UGH...Sorry...really.


Anonymous said...

Aw, Valyn, it's not your fault. You know how he latches on to random words and phrases. If it wasn't you, it would have been someone else; if not another blogger, then he would have picked something up from a passing McDonald's ad.

Actually, that'd be kind of funny.

Nicky comes across as absolutely terrified of sex. Sex is the absolute worst thing that he can wish on anyone, and he shows here that his drive is very low/non-existent. Now, there's nothing at all wrong with being asexual in itself, but when he starts foaming and frothing and going on wild jags about other people's sexuality, it kinda makes me want to go after him with a tent peg.

ExposeTheTard said...

Valyn myself and others would not know you suffer from any of that because you really are nothing but nice. And highly intelligent, which may be another reason he doesn't like you.

He says the most vile things imaginable, and some try to say that you shouldn't fight back because he is handicapped, he himself if he is butthurt enough cries that people are harrassing a handicapped person, but the only thing I see handicapped on him is his soul. I meant what I said that he either has decided not to post about his therapist visits and meds, or he stopped going. He knows he is sick in the head and to stop treating that is his own fault.

Anonymous I agree and since I don't know much about mental or physical health I have to ask those out there that may know: Would his mental condition be the reason he doesn't have a sex drive, or is that a side effect of his medications?

Valyn said...

ETT--Thank you. *hug* I medicate myself to keep myself in check. I do rage at times, I am painfully shy and quiet. Reclusive because of the GAD and social phobia. I AM highly intelligent, maybe I can thank the Autism for that haha. His excuses of mental illness are weak at best. I know many people who are bi-polar and "clinically" depressed, and they are functioning members of society. They don't go around spouting the shit he does.

No sex drive can come from medications. I was on Paxil once and got rid of that FAST when I couldn't ...well yeah. I am on cymbalta, xanax and vistaril for my problems and they help me SO much. I am on over 22 different meds, but that's what cancer will do to you. So yes, they have all kinds of side effects, but most of the time your body will adjust to whatever they may be. Mine has. He has NO excuse NOT to be on his medications and even less of an excuse to blame his shit on being "crazy".

I would like to see the little weasel walk a mile in my shoes, or in anyone else's shoes that he attacks for being sick, etc. He couldn't handle it.

Anon-- Thank you. I can't help feeling bad, I am a very compassionate person, and I KNOW if it weren't me he was stealing "thoughts" from, it would be someone else, but ....yeah it doesn't make me feel any less crappy. *shrug*

TeKajo said...

Every time i venture back into the twisted world that encompasses everything Pacione, i am thoroughly convinced of one thing.

Nick Pacione is not real. And we are all playing a part in a massive long going hoax perpetrated by a well-known horror writer.

His antics are so over-the-top and exaggerated that no one in their right or wrong mind could continue for this many years.

As for his excuse. Man, i use to get so mad when he'd pull that "poor mental me" BS that i wanted to just grab him up and shake the shit out of him. Quite literally.

My best friend is bi-polar and she holds a nice job at a bank and raises two kids with the help of her medication. She does has her lapses but that's why i'm there for her.

Final note, etT, i don't know you but you've become the first thing i read when i get online these days.

therustynail said...

Mentioning my brother was the height of idiocy.

However,he named other innocents by name, so please, Valyn . . . relax. It's not your fault.

Little Bird said...

Nick's sex drive? Simple, really. Sour grapes. He can't get any and so pretends to hold it in disdain (the constant bashing of anything he regards as "erotica"; he doesn't like people to know that reading all those sweet, sweaty titillating stories gets his little flag a-waving) or to marginalise it (as in these ads). He's trying to appear normal by raving about his intense interest in the opposite sex, but doesn't seem to realise it all comes off as the elaborations of a bad liar. Personally? I don't think he's gay. I think he's tried to get some on the other side of the fence when he figured out that he couldn't find a woman, but was put out quickly when he found out that homosexuals have standards.

As far as sex goes, Nickolaus better hope that someone eventually throws him in prison for his shenanigans, because the only way he's going to get any that isn't bought and paid for is by being someone's bitch.

Oh, and since I know he's reading this: hey, Nick! You've tried to use your SSDI money to buy pussy, T/F?

Phil Smith said...

"I am marriage minded but will take anything right now..."

I think perhaps you were over-generous in your translation. My Pacionese-English dictionary translates his words as "Dear God, help me out. My hands have taken restraining orders out on me. I'll take anyone. Anyone. Alright. Anything. Woman, horse, shoebox filled with raw liver. Anything."

Valyn said...

Mentioning my brother was the height of idiocy.

However,he named other innocents by name, so please, Valyn . . . relax. It's not your fault.

Rusty--I know in my head it's not my fault, but my HEART feels bad. I'm just that way, can't help it. Thank you for the comments you've left me, they did make me feel better...*hugs*

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