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Thursday, April 24, 2008

"I was bullied in high school because I was in special education classes"

This one has it all: Prison pen pals, him forgetting he is supposed to be a boxer and judo master and admitting he was picked on, again, and him admitting again that he is a hermit (this person who can summon any Chicago resident to do his bidding).

On to the show. Sadly his writer's block lifted, and he sieged the world with a lot of poor writing piece
Tuesday, June 18th, 2002
7:37 am
still working on that speculative
So far I am coming along really well with that new one, don't have a title for it yet but it will be a sequel to The Blacker Hours. Since there are a lot from AuthorsDen who are showing some interest in the older peices, figured I might post up the link to this one. This was one I wrote on xanga originally then mirrored it twice over -- this is the one that caught the eye of the webmaster of Reality's Edge. I actually met a few writers online from there. But going back to sequels I haven't written a story where it had a sequel in four years. I had this strange feeling my writers block will not last that long as it did last time -- the longest writers block I had was in 1998 . I was more counterproductive than productive during that period -- and having friends over there which were not quite supportive, only had a few over there who backed me on trying to get published -- one of them was a writer named John Stonecypher (another from DuPage. This one introduced me to the writings of St. John of the Cross.) I think in the years 2000-02, I have been the most prolific than I ever been in five years.

Nicky loved his beret. Apparently no one ever told him it made him look like a homeless Frenchie.

The most disturbing part about this is that he went to an internet cafe and as a favor to a friend, printed out one of his stories for the guy to read. Can you imagine being handed that crap? From what I've seen on youtube, when people get their hands on his writing they'd rather piss on it or burn it.
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3:45 am
I am taking the time to work on a new entry for the diary-x literary journal -- I will be posting the link to that one on a few communities in due time, and had been playing around with the use of shockwave. I will have my community linked up from my page at horrorseek. The way I have that site set up as well as Writings From The Grave is where I don't have to update it as often but I will from time to time. I am sure that some of you on here might want to take a look around, I was getting visitors in the guestbook which is shared; and for those who linked up my diary-x journal -- thank you for the backing, to those who signed the guestbook over there. I had a few when I had the dreambook posted some snide remarks and using a fake address. I rarely get visitors off livejournal to the website but the ones who do take the time and visit -- thank you, and for those from melo and visit. I am definately going to be keeping seminolebeauty, dreamsinsilence, and a few of you busy for a while -- go visit Christina's website since there are a few surprises over there. I am teaching her some good tags as well as doing the html workshop. I wonder how many people are going to be actually posting to come community now -- and I managed to actually talk to a few members of the community via either AIM and yahoo. I will have my ICQ open but I am more of a hermit more or less on there. My best friend uses yahoo so I am in touch with him -- and one of my invite codes is being saved for him, the other best friend is Enuresis. I sometimes wonder what he is up to at times because he don't have a phone where he lives (he stays in a rooming house, sort of like what I did in Iowa but not above a bar.)
I have been doing a lot of updating to my page at authorsden -- (that is linked up from my profile here.) I was playing around with posting up a picture that I was using in my main area of the website itself. I am just surprised that I have kept the site up this long and going strong too, and the picture that I am going to share is one that I used a year ago as an icon for posting. A little background about the picture -- I was invited to go down to Bloomington with a friend of mine and a former girlfriend of his. We went a little bar hopping but I felt a little out of place in the bars since I was one who was more used to 24 hour diners -- used to go with the friends to the diners all night. The story I was printing up for him to read on the way back to Morris was my vampire short story, Bloodletting. Richie is a long time friend of mine who backed me when I was bullied in high school because I was in special education classes (kind of hard to believe now but it was one of the teachers there who help mold what I have now. I tried to invite the teacher to the open mics but she would not because she knew how dark I was getting with the writings. I had a poem I read on the circut that was written by a pen pal in prison -- I did not really really impact of readership there.)
But for me do something like this -- it wasn't since 1996 in Elmhurst. For those of you who are in Chicago -- keep an eye out for open mic nights, because I have been wanting to try Black September on them. I was looking at some of the reviews on authorsden -- the higher profile writers on there cannot help but wonder what move I am going to make. Here I am heading into the four o'clock hour, writing both this entry and the literary entry on the word processor. I do a lot of my longer entries offline (those of you who bug me to use the lj-cut, should know by now that is not going to happen.) But I will be posting plugs to my journal there when it is done -- those of you who are watching various communities, more than likely I will be posting it there with the comment feature blocked.


Rustybitch said...

Apparently no one ever told him it made him look like a homeless Frenchie.

That's unfair ETT. The french are perfectly lovely people and certainly don't deserve the comparison ;>

Plus, you know, they make champagne!

ExposeTheTard said...

Maybe not, and I did say a homeless Frenchie, but think about it of all the nationalities to be compared to, which one do you think he'd hate the most?

Anonymous said...

"I tried to invite the teacher to the open mics but she would not because she knew how dark I was getting with the writings."

I seriously doubt that was the real reason why she avoided your reading, Nicky.

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